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Kidsday interviews cast of 'Ben 10'

Kidsday reporters Timothy Coehlo (second from left) and

Kidsday reporters Timothy Coehlo (second from left) and Matthew Cassar (far right) with the actors from the animated TV show, "Ben 10," Ashley Johnson (voice of Gwen), Greg Cipes (Kevin) and Yuri Lowenthal (Ben), at Comic-Con in Manhattan Credit: Newsday/Pat Mullooly

Get your geek on! This past fall, I went to the Javits Center with my friend and classmate Matthew Cassar.

We were just two of the hundreds of people lined up waiting to enter one of the biggest events of the year, Comic-Con.

People were dressed up as their favorite comic, animé or video game character. These people take their costumes very seriously. It was like a big costume party!

Comic-Con had so many booths from Archie Comics to THQ. As soon as we walked into the Javits Center, the first thing we saw was the Cartoon Network booth. There, you could take pictures with the aliens from “Ben 10,” watch previews of shows on Cartoon Network and try out the new "Ben 10" video game. When we finished with that, we went into the main part of the convention center where all the other booths were.

The minute you walk in, you can get a goodie bag from Comic-Con. The first booth we saw was the Ubisoft booth where they showed a Michael Jackson video game. On this stage, people could get up and dance to Michael Jackson music. The next booth was Square Enix where you could buy figures from Square Enix games. They also let you test out Halo: Reach. We then went to the Marvel booth where they previewed movies and games, and let you take a picture with your face in a cutout of your favorite Marvel character.

Stuff for sale at Comic-Con ranged from $2 to $5,000. They had an Enterprise signed by the cast of “Star Trek” which was selling for about $3,000. They had so many comics for sale, it made my head spin. Comics and figures weren’t the main things for sale. They had posters, plush toys, video games, tattoos, T-shirts and so much more.

Comic-Con was one of the most amazing events I have ever attended. It has something for everyone, young and old. To find out when it is coming back to New York, go to

After we were through taking in the exhibit, we got to meet some of the cast members of “Ben 10” — Ashley Johnson (voice of Gwen), Greg Cipes (Kevin) and Yuri Lowenthal (Ben).

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