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Kidsday interviews Food Network star Duff Goldman

Food Network star Duff Goldman with Kidsday reporters

Food Network star Duff Goldman with Kidsday reporters Cassie Stucklen and Olivia Fries at the Maritime Hotel in Manhattan Photo Credit: Newsday Photo/Pat Mullooly

We took a trip into Manhattan to meet and interview Duff Goldman, a star chef on the Food Network. He is well known for his TV show “Ace of Cakes,” where he builds decorates and delivers some of the most beautiful and extreme cakes in the world.

Now Duff will be hosting a new show on the Food Network “Sugar High.” On this show, Duff will get to travel to some great pastry and sweet shops to try the treats they are well known for. We even invited him to Long Island for some sweet treats, and both agreed that we would love to have his job!

We asked Duff a lot about his background and how he started cooking. He used to watch the few chefs that were on TV when he was a kid, the most famous one being Julia Child. He found her entertaining and hilarious and it had an impact on him.

Duff didn’t start out as a baker, he was a line cook and a sous chef, and a bread baker first, and eventually got around to making pastry and cakes. He also told us that some of the best cake decorators are not cake decorators or bakers, but artists, which is why he hires them and works with them often.

His biggest cake was a recent full scale baby elephant. He told us the total weight of the cake was 1,000 pounds, and that 250 pounds of that was chocolate! He even showed us a picture of it on his iPhone and it was truly the size of a baby elephant, because we saw a person standing next to it, and it was huge.

Duff also had some great advice for any kid out there who thinks they might want to be a chef some day. He said three basic things: number one is to work in a restaurant for a few years and get to know all the different jobs that exist, number two is get used to the long hours and understand that you will always work on holidays when people eat at restaurants, so be prepared to sacrifice some important family and friend time, and number three is you have to absolutely love cooking to be successful, so that the time sacrifice will be worth it to you. His last bit of advice was that no matter how much you want to be a chef, get a college education first, just in case all your chef dreams don’t come true.

Besides being full of great advice and stories, we thought Duff was the coolest. He was funny and his laugh makes everybody laugh! He was so nice to us that we felt comfortable almost the minute we met him. Interviewing Duff Goldman was an awesome experience, and we are looking forward to seeing his new show “Sugar High” on the Food Network.

“Sugar High” premiered Monday on the Food Network at 10:30 p.m. It will air again this Friday, Aug. 12, at 10:30 p.m.


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