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Kidsday interviews 'Harry Potter's' Rupert Grint

We spoke with actor Rupert Grint, one of the stars from “Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1,” while he was in Manhattan recently.

What was your favorite scene to film in the "Deathly Hallows" movie?

There were a lot of good scenes in this one. I really like the scene where we all turn into Harry. It was kind of creepy seeing my face turn into Dan’s face. Then I had to kind of mimic all our movements as well and our mannerisms gave me quite a strange walk.
We think Ron has the best sense of humor in all of the movies and actually gets some really great lines. What part of your personality do you think the script writers have captured in writing Ron’s words?

Over the years I hope we kind of emerged to the same person. I use to say wicked all the time, that’s kind of my word, and suddenly it kind of started appearing in the script. It kind of does move over to real life.
We've heard you’re afraid of spiders. What is the scariest thing that ever happened to you?

Spider wise? Every day I get scared of spiders. I have to check my shoes every day, check the sheets in bed. It’s something I’ve kind of lived with for a long time.

Do you think it would have been easier for you to film the movies quickly back to back rather than having a year or two pass between them?

Yeah, we actually filmed both parts as one film. We just kind of mixed them all together and it just felt like a big long film and they were just going to release them as two. Yeah it was quite confusing doing two parts. It was fun.
In this movie Ron and Hermione are a couple. How did you feel when you found out that was going to happen?

Yeah. I was quite surprised coming from the extent we saw their relationship kind of develop. I always knew there was something between them and we started seeing that in previous films. In this one, Ron gets kind of jealous because Harry and Hermione spend a lot of time with each other. It was kind of fun to play the jealous one as well. In Part 2 we see Ron and Hermione become quite a couple actually. That was quite strange. But cool.
In the movie you and Harry are real best friends. Why do you think Ron always feels inferior to Harry?

I think it’s something with Ron seeing quite early on. He’s always been quite insecure. I think being in a big family and constantly being over shadowed by his brothers and never really kind of finding his place in life. It’s something he’s always struggled with and being Harry’s best friend means he’s always second. In this film Ron kind of gets his moment ... I think in the sixth film he became quite confident, because he got a girlfriend and got on the quidditch team.
When you drank the polyjuice potion you transferred into a Harry, and then a ministry worker. How did you feel having your voice coming out of someone else?

It was really strange. Because we had to kind of -- particularly the ministry scene when there’s other actors playing us -- we had to kind of direct them and tell them how we walk and how we move and stuff and really didn’t know what to do so I couldn’t help them out. It was weird seeing the film finished with my voice. This man’s body is quite strange. But it was weird seeing this.
How did you feel about the scenes where Ron was wearing the horcruxes too long and became paranoid and kind of irritable?

It was different and kind of new side of Ron I haven’t really kind of explored before. These horcruxes are very powerful objects and they affect people in different ways. Ron really struggled when he had his on; he was kind of frustrated anyway and they kind of exaggerate everything.

Review: ‘Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1’
Voldemort has followers. It is a frightening idea for Harry Potter - the chosen one, the boy who lived - and his friends. However, they cannot deny it. In this movie, the seventh Harry Potter movie, "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows," they must work to stop it. The future seems cold to all of them, but perhaps there is hope.

Even the Warner Bros. sign displays hope. As it comes onto the screen, ice cracks away and falls to the ground. Maybe, just maybe, this is a symbol for hope to come. Maybe as Dumbledore believes, there really is always a light in the darkness.

The sixth movie left us with Dumbledore dead. He is gone, but he left a quest for Harry. Horcruxes are a part of someone’s soul, and Voldemort has made seven. In order for Harry to ever defeat Voldemort, he must destroy all of the horcruxes. That is exactly what he begins to do in this movie. It is what he needs to do to save the world he loves so dearly. The wizarding world cannot have Harry and Voldemort at the same time. But the question is: Which one will conquer while the other falls?

The wizarding world is in shambles. Death Eaters are everywhere, fear is abundant, and many people are in grave danger. Harry, Ron and Hermione leave their families and Hogwarts behind tofind these horcruxes. Also, they must not only find them, but destroy them, a task that proves to be much more complicated than it sounds. Unfortunately, Dumbledore did not tell them where the horcruxes were. So, the trio has absolutely no idea what they are doing. They have to make it up as they go along. Luckily for them, it works for the most part.

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows” is extremely intense (it’s rated PG-13). Tempers run high, emotions are out of control, and danger lurks around every corner. It will tug at your heart during some scenes and you will ball your fists in anger during others. Even in the dark times that lie ahead, there is room for humor; something the movie does not lack either. This movie also plays up the romances; love can clearly still blossom in such hard times.
It is an amazing movie, and whether you only watch the movies or read the books too, you will understand and have little trouble grasping what is going on. If you were upset because many things had been left out of previous movies, you will be fully satisfied with this one. It answers many questions, but poses many others.
Rating: Five out of five smiles!


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