We spoke to Honor Society band members Alexander Moyes, Jason Rosen, Michael Bruno, Andrew Lee before their recent concert at Irving Plaza in Manhattan recently.
What is your favorite song in your band?
Andrew: My favorite song right now. I change favorite songs. But right now my favorite song is “Why Didn’t I.”
Michael: My favorite song right now probably the song we have on the radio called "Over You."
Jason: My favorite song would have to be “Two Rebels.”
Alexander: My favorite song is “Here Comes Trouble.”
What is something special you guys like to do on your birthday?
Michael: Actually it’s pretty cool. My birthday’s in the summer. It’s on Aug. 11 and we were on tour with the Jonas Brothers on my birthday and we were in Phoenix. So I got to play a really huge concert on my birthday which is pretty awesome. And the Jonas Brothers and the whole crew and everybody, and my band mates and my friends all got me a really big cake. And it had like my face pasted onto a basketball player's body, because I really like basketball. So it was pretty cool.
Jason: And at the end of the summer, my birthday’s actually on Sept. 2, and we were in Toronto so we got to play a show on my birthday and we went out to dinner afterwards. So it was a lot of fun.
Andrew: I think cake is a must have for any birthday.
Michael: Fun and friends. In that order.
How do you come up with the lyrics?
Michael: The lyrics just come from experiences that we go through and as a song writer the trick is to kind of make it all musical and rhyme and everything, but it’s definitely stuff from our lives.

How did you guys meet?
Jason: Me and Mike met in high school in ninth grade in art class and we basically just started talking music and really we were on the same page. Then we met Andrew and Alex, how you meet people through other friends and we just started playing music together and it’s been over two years now.
How many songs do you play in one concert?
Andrew: Another good question. About 11 to 12 songs. Sometimes a little bit more or a little bit less. Depending on the show.
Alexander: The last tour we’ve been on, it’s called Fashionably Late tour. It’s named after an album, which is also called Fashionably Late and we play pretty much all the songs off the record, in our live show, which we are going to do tonight.
Where was the concert you had the most fun at?
Michael: They’re all fun. That’s the best part of being on tour. You get to have that much fun every night. I think tonight is going to be really special and a lot of fun because we’re from this area, from New York State so it’s going to be awesome.
Do you guys get nervous when you play in front of people?
Andrew: Not really nervous. We get excited. We get really anxious to take the stage. Because we have so much fun when we play. It’s great. You know that 5 minutes right before we go on stage is really exciting.
What does 3 4 3 mean?
Jason: Unfortunately we cannot divulge that.
Andrew: There are 4 people that know what 3 4 3 means and they’re sitting right here.
Michael: It started just like something fun between the four of us as friends. And maybe one day we’ll tell people. But right now we're still excited about people trying to figure out what it means. And if you’ve seen — we just released a video for our song “Over You” two days ago and in the video there’s a lot of different references to the numbers 3 4 3. So one day we’ll tell you guys.

What is your favorite teen magazine?

Michael: There’s so many out there.
Alexander: Pop Star, Tiger Beat, Pixie.
Andrew: Bop is pretty good.
Michael: It’s tough to choose because they’ve been so nice to us.
Do you guys remember any fourth-grade experiences?

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Michael: Oh yeah. My teacher’s name was Mrs. Kruger and she was really awesome. She had really white hair I remember. And I remember I really had a good class. All my friends were in my class that year.
Alexander: My teacher was Mrs. Deitz and I remember first through third was in one building and fourth through sixth you went across the street. So it was like big year. You jumped from Fleetwood Elementary to El Dorado Middle School. Upper elementary.
Andrew: In fourth grade, I actually started playing the bass in fourth grade. So that was a big year for me.
Jason: I started playing trumpet in the fourth grade.
Michael: I think all of us started playing instruments in the fourth grade. I’m the singer in the band, but I played drums in the eighth, because that was the first year we could do band.
Have you ever done anything in public that you were embarrassed to do?

Members of the group Honor Society, from left, Andrew Lee, Alex Noyes, Jason Rosen and Michael Bruno, with Kidsday reporters, from left, Eva Grammatikopoulos, Gregory Capelle, Iram Arefin and Randi Sarf at Irving Plaza Photo Credit: Newsday Photo/Pat Mullooly

Michael: We had a show a couple of weeks ago and the show went really great and I was like really excited and as I was coming off the stage I tripped over a chord and kind of like, I sort of caught my balance, but it was kind of embarrassing. Tripping and sort of falling.
Andrew: I think that’s happened to us all during a show. Every once in awhile you trip over something. I actually fell on stage over the summer in front of 20,000 people.
Michael: You just got to recover and make it look cool.