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Kidsday interviews My Favorite Highway

We met Will Cook (bass), Patrick Jenkins (guitar), David Cook (guitars/singer) and Bobby Morgenthaler (drums), members of the group My Favorite Highway, before one of their shows at the Highline Ballroom in Manhattan recently.

Their songs “Getaway Car,” “Bigger Than Love” and “Say So,” are ones we really like a lot. After we were through with the interview, we watched them perform and we loved them live as well. If you enjoy their album, you will love them live.

David is so into the music and he really uses the stage. They played about five songs and they were all so cool. If you like rock and pop and a boy band that isn’t a boy band, you will like My Favorite Highway.

They told us that they are from Virginia, and they have been touring constantly promoting their album “How to Call a Bluff.”

We asked them when they realized they were famous and David said, “We’re all kind of still waiting for that. Being famous someday takes a long time. . . .  So we’re working really hard and we hope to reach that point real soon, but I wouldn’t consider us famous just yet. We might be getting popular.”

They told us about their musical inspirations and mentioned bands such as U2 and Coldplay. They also like singer John Mayer. They all agreed they would love to tour with U2. But it is more about their music. As a group they are very proud of their song “Getaway Car.”
We thought it was funny that this is what they really wanted to do since they were young. As David said, “I didn’t have a backup plan.”
We think their band’s name is unusual and asked how they came up with it. Here is what David said: “It was really random and Will and I were sitting in bad rush-hour traffic in D.C. and I think one of us passed a remark, ‘That’s my favorite highway now,’ and it just kind of stuck.”

They told us that before they perform — besides being nervous — they like to pray and do a lot of stretching.

We asked if they brought anything onstage with them and we were surprised by what Bobby didn’t bring. He said, “I always take my shoes off when I play drums. Always. Because I grew up playing without my shoes. My drums would be set up at my house so I always take my shoes off.”

Will likes to bring a camera onstage with him to take a picture of the crowd.

We liked the show a lot. If they come back to New York, try to see them. For more information, visit the Web site:

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