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Good Morning

Kidsday meets singer Nick Jonas

Kidsday met a Jobro who’s gone solo.  Nick Jonas sat down in Manhattan with us at his record offices recently to discuss his new band, Nick Jonas and the Administration, and the debut of their new album “Who I Am,” which comes out on Feb. 2.

Jonas was busy when we caught up with him in Manhattan.  The night before, Nick Jonas and the Administration had played "The Late Show with David Letterman" show and that morning, he had guest hosted the morning show "Regis and Kelly."

When we met him, he was very professional looking in a dark suit and tie.  He took the time to thoughtfully answer our questions.  He told us about how he named his new band, his thoughts on acting versus music-making, and his cool pet, Elvis.

We also learned about his new band mates and his nickname, "The President."  He also mentioned how much fun he had appearing with his brothers on "Saturday Night Live."  We found out about the teacher who influenced him throughout his career (his dad) and his favorite song.

It was exciting to meet such a famous person and we were happy that we got this opportunity. We even got to meet his bodyguard!

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