Recently, three classmates and I went to The Ritz-Carlton Hotel in Manhattan to interview former Beatles member Ringo Starr.

We were told we’d have 15 minutes with Ringo but we had such a great time, we stayed a full half hour until Ringo's assistant told us it was time to go.

Ringo was in New York because he just released his latest album "Y Not." I like this album a lot especially the song "Peace Dream" which features another Beatle Paul McCartney.

I had butterflies in my stomach when we walked in the room. After a couple of minutes, Ringo came in. We all went up to hug him and he said, “Why, hello there!” with a big smile, and then we got down to business.

I learned a lot from the interview with him, like how he got interested into percussion. As a child Ringo, was hospitalized with appendicitis. At the hospital they would show him colors and if the color was blue he would hit the blue drum or the blue bell. Ringo also learned how to knit, but he wasn't very interested in knitting.

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Another thing I learned is that Ringo was inspired by Ray Charles and Lil' Stevie [Stevie Wonder] because they were so talented. His favorite song that he performed with The Beatles is “A Little Help From Our Friends.” Ringo said that it is his favorite song with The Beatles because everyone gets it and everyone also gets buy with a little help from their friends. Ringo’s favorite song that he played solo is “Photograph.”

We found out that Ringo loves to garden. Ringo says he plants in his free time. Ringo said in Los Angeles he has a regular-sized garden and in Britain he has a boisterous garden. In the garden in Britain there is a peace sign in the middle of it.

The last of many things I learned from the interview is advice for young composers. He said private lessons aren't going to make you any better if you don’t practice. He also said he never really practiced in the hospital and it came from talent. The advice he has for us is to practice and you'll always get better.

Ringo was such a great guy, if I could go to the interview over and over again, I would! I strongly encourage you to buy Ringo Starr CDs, especially the new one, "Y Not." That was one of the best times of my life and I was so glad that Ringo Starr agreed to talk with us.