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Kidsday movie review: 'Jack and Jill'

Erin (Katie Holmes), Jill (Adam Sandler), Gary (Rohan

Erin (Katie Holmes), Jill (Adam Sandler), Gary (Rohan Chand), Jack (Adam Sandler) in Columbia Pictures' film, "Jack and Jill," in theaters Friday, Nov. 11 Credit: Columbia Pictures /Tracy Bennett

We had the privilege to go to a critic’s screening in Times Square in Manhattan to see the new movie, “Jack and Jill”, starring Adam Sandler.

Adam Sandler stars as Jack -- and his sister Jill -- in the movie. This movie was about twin siblings trying to get along. The brother, Jack, was annoyed with his twin sister Jill a lot of the time. Everything she did seemed to bother him! All she wanted was for her brother to respect her and love her for who she is. He really did love her, but they just didn’t get along that well all of the time.

We all liked the movie and laughed a lot. Our favorite scene was when Jill had to rush to the bathroom after having eaten too much Mexican food at the picnic. It was really hilarious!

We are 9-year-old students in fourth grade and we didn’t get all of the jokes. So, we would recommend this movie for kids who are 12 and older.

We would rate this movie a 4 (out of 5) .

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