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Kidsday movie review: 'Tangled'

In the new animated movie, "Tangled," Rapunzel has been kidnapped from the King and Queen and trapped in a tower by an old lady named Gothel. Gothel wants to be young forever and uses Rapunzel’s magic hair to keep her from getting old. A criminal, Flynn Ryder, tries to hide in the tower and finds Rapunzel. Go see “Tangled” to see what happens next!

This movie was an amazing, fun adventure. Actress Mandy Moore was phenomenal as the voice of Rapunzel. She was very convincing and funny; and her singing was beautiful. Many other hilarious characters included the horse, Maximus, the thugs, as well as Flynn Ryder (voice by Zach Levi).

One of the funniest parts of the movie was when Rapunzel hit Flynn with a frying pan and tried to stuff him in her closet. It was also a very touching movie because the King and Queen never stopped thinking about their lost princess, Rapunzel.

The 3-D effects made everything look realistic and magical. The scene when the King and the Queen released hundreds of lanterns on Rapunzel’s birthday was breathtaking.

The songs, especially the duet between Rapunzel and Flynn Ryder, made the movie even more unforgettable.

RATING 5 (out of five) smiles


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