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Kidsday reporter solves two Rubik's Cubes

I can solve a Rubik’s Cube in about 90 seconds. The Rubik’s Cube was a very popular pastime at my summer camp. My friends taught me how to do it. At first, it comes down to just getting to understand the steps. It seems like mumbo-jumbo, but eventually you see that it is a series of different parts of the cube, represented by letters. Then, once you can put all the steps together, you can solve it.

Some people think that to do it, you just look and improvise or make steps up. This is not how it is done. You have to put the steps in order to create an algorithm or a pattern. The cube is solved in layers; first, you start with a side, and then you do the first layer around, then the second and the third.

Some may think you have to be good at math or logic, but all you really need is a memory and an imagination. If you want to impress people, or you want to beat my time, pick up a cube and give it a twist.

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