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Kidsday review: 'Gulliver's Travels'

Actors Jack Black and Jason Segel, stars of

Actors Jack Black and Jason Segel, stars of the movie, "Gulliver's Travels," with Kidsday reporters, from left, Liam Haber, Molly Andrews, Erin Lankowicz and Julianne Johnston at C&C Studios in Manhattan Credit: Newsday/Pat Mullooly

So, you think you’re a little short? Well imagine how you’d feel if you were the size of someone’s pinky! That’s how the Lilliputians of Lilliput felt the first time they encountered Gulliver, aka Jack Black in the very funny movie comedy “Gulliver’s Travels” that we got to see on Monday.

Lemeul Gulliver (Jack) is the mail room manager for the fictional newspaper the New York Tribune, and has a mad crush on the travel editor of the paper, Darcy Silverman (Amanda Peet). In an effort to impress her, he volunteers to do an on-location story about the Bermuda Triangle, and he and his boat, the Knot For Sail are sucked into an inverted whirlpool that lands him in the land of Lilliput, where he is a giant and considered a beast. After being held captive, he breaks free, and meets his only Lilliputian friend, Horatio, played by Jason Segel.

These two, by chance, heroically save the King and princess of Lilliput (Billy Connolly and Emily Blunt) from sure death at the hands of their enemies, and Gulliver rises to fame, becoming the tiny peoples’ newly appointed leader.

Here he lives a lavish life in the lap of Lilliput luxury. As you might guess problems arise, and this good fortune doesn’t last long. Gulliver eventually falls from favor with the Lilliputians he loves, and must win them back, while also pursuing his giant sized crush, Darcy.

Some of the most hilarious scenes of the movie include Gulliver sharing the stories of his “life” through live theater that copies some scenes from popular movies like “Star Wars" and “Titanic.”

Another crazy scene is when the tables are turned on Gulliver and he is sent to a land inhabited by giants, and wakes up in a bed in a dollhouse, in a pink dress, and is the toy of the giant 6-year-old girl who owns it. He, under threats of violence must play tea party and various other girly games to survive.

Another scene we found hysterical was when Gulliver was fighting the Lilliputians enemy ships, and is hit multiple times with their tiny cannon balls in the stomach. Gulliver uses the force of his belly to send the balls flying back at the enemy ships to claim victory for the Lilliputians; it is a scene you will not forget.

This movie was great and would appeal to both kids and adults. It has action tons of comedy and even a song and dance or two. We think it’ll be a great way to spend an afternoon over your holiday break. Don’t miss it!

4 (out of 5 smiles)

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