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Kidsday review: 'Wonderland'

Actress Carly Rose Sonenclar, center, from the musical

Actress Carly Rose Sonenclar, center, from the musical "Wonderland" with Kidsday reporters John Luke Hoonhout and Megan Ferguson at the Mariott Marquis Hotel in Manhattan Credit: Newsday/Pat Mullooly

In the lively Broadway musical “Wonderland,” Alice is a troubled adult with an 11-year-old daughter, Chloe.

After Alice falls asleep, she travels to a new kind of Wonderland, where she meets old and new characters that help her find her way back to New York City. Along the way, these characters help solve her problems.

The part of Chloe is played by Carly Rose Sonenclar. Carly is a sixth-grader who started her professional career in 2006. She has performed in other theater roles, in films, on television and in singing engagements. In “Wonderland,” Carly sings in four of the musical numbers, and her voice is stunning.

“Wonderland” has talented actors and wonderful music. Everyone will enjoy the colorful costumes and sets. This musical appeals to ages 7 and up. Make plans to see “Wonderland.”

After the show, we were able to spend some time with Carly. We had a pleasant conversation. She’s very friendly and enjoys performing. When she’s not acting or singing, she enjoys softball and playing the piano. Here is part of our interview with Carly:
What part do you like better, the original “Alice in Wonderland” or the musical?

It’s so different. I like ours because it’s more contemporary. It’s a contemporary retelling of the story, so I think it’s great. It’s modern, and it’s good for kids.
What got you interested in acting?

I was taking a local singing and acting and dancing class, and I kind of just knew I wanted to do it.
What do you like about the musical?

I like it because I think it’s good for all ages. It’s good for kids, but it’s not like a show that adults say, “Get me out of here.” And it has a message, also. It’s good that it’s letting you know, “Don’t forget your childhood. It’s the most important part of your life.”
How many girls tried out for your part in “Wonderland”?

I don’t know. I would like to know, though!
What do you like most about your character?

I like playing her because, at the beginning of the show, you see how upset she is and how mad she is about her situation. And then, when she gets into Wonderland with the Mad Hatter and Morris, you see how she’s really changed. So all she needed was that little bit of attention, and she finally got it. But then they turned on her, and they tried to kill her. I think it’s fun to play a part where you could see her as upset and not happy with what’s going on and then so happy and having fun.
What is it like backstage?

It is all fun and games. I have a wrangler  in the play, so basically she just takes me to where I need to go, and she keeps me occupied. I play a game called “SET” backstage all the time, which is a game I’m obsessed with and my wrangler just got me into. But it’s like a card game. That’s what I’m always doing. But it’s fun, and everyone, if they’re not warming up their voice, they’re playing a game.

“Wonderland” the musical is playing at the Marriott Marquis Theatre (46th and Broadway). Visit the website or call 877-250-2929
for tickets.

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