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Kidsday reviews Epic Mickey

Actress Jennifer Grey with Kidsday reporters, from left,

Actress Jennifer Grey with Kidsday reporters, from left, Nickolas De Dios, Austin Bodurian, Janis Ciuffini and Kayla Leiss at the Disney Store in Manhattan Credit: Newsday/Pat Mullooly

We reviewed the video Disney video game Epic Mickey for the Wii system. It is a one-player game. This game is about a curious mouse, Mickey, who goes into a magical world through a mirror and ruin the map that an artist created with a magical paint brush.

After a few months, Mickey wakes up to find two gigantic inky black hands that drag him into  the mirror that he once entered to find a magical world.

Mickey escapes the inky monster with the help of his new friend Gus. Mickey then helps Gus with the world Mickey once destroyed. During Mickey’s first adventures he is given the magical paintbrush which will help him in coming battles. Mickey finds guardians that help him with all his missions. There are two different kinds of guardians the blue type, Tints which are enemies that you befriended with paint from your magical paintbrush. The other type is Turps. They only appear when you use thinner on objects or enemies. Mickey’s enemies are from the blotting army. The farther in the game you get, the more dangerous the blots get. Epic Mickey is a fun game. It will keep you on your toes wondering if Mickey will make it or not.

We like that as you battle and defeat something evil you are given badges or weapons. We liked jumping through portals to get to the different levels of the game. Finally, we like that Mickey has the power to make floors, walls, and even bridges appear with the blue paint and even make them disappear with green paint thinner.

The game is rated E for everyone!

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