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Kidsday reviews 'Wintuk'

Cirque du Soleil's holiday family show

Cirque du Soleil's holiday family show "Wintuk" at the Theater at Madison Square Garden runs until Jan. 2, 2011. Credit: Photo by Richard Termine

Just imagine you were hanging out with your friends on a street corner and the lamp post comes to life. We couldn't believe our eyes when we saw it actually happen during the show "Wintuk"!

"Wintuk" takes place on a cold, winter night in an imaginary city and in a frozen forest called "Wintuk." The main character, Jamie, lives in a terribly cold, snowless city.  He meets dancers, acrobats, construction workers, and talking lamp posts. While trying to bring snow to the city again, Jamie sets out on a journey to "Wintuk," along with three companions -- a female shaman, a timid young man named Wimpy, and a mysterious, young girl his own age.  They had many exciting adventures!

As you sit in the audience you can view the musicians playing above in small cubicles. You are able to see violinists, pianists and drummers -- since all of us reviewing the show play instruments in the school band and orchestra, we really appreciated seeing the musicians performing.

We loved the stunts and acrobatics that were performed. During one scene, "robbers" enter the audience and steal popcorn from the people in the theater and they certainly were surprised! (Hold on to your popcorn!)

There was another performer that looked like she was wiggling a giant slinky around her waist like a Hula Hoop -- she was incredible. We were especially impressed with the guy riding the mini-tricycle -- that was hysterical.

“Wintuk” takes you away in a blizzard of snow as millions of snowflakes fall from the ceiling.  As a special souvenir from the show audience members of all ages collect the “snow” in hats, popcorn boxes, socks, and paper bags -- this was the most fun of all!

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This is the final year "Wintuk" will be at the Theater at Madison Square Garden. Shows run through Jan. 2, 2011.

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