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Kidsday: Taking the field at Citi Field

When you are asked to be a Kidsday reporter, the experience from the start is unbelievable. It was a once-in-a-lifetime experience to meet Mets second baseman Daniel Murphy (you can read our interview with him this Sunday in Kidsday), be in the Citi Field dugout, stand on the ballfield and run the bases.

We met in front of the media entrance before the game and then went behind the scenes where not many kids can go. As we were signing in, the first person we met was Ralph Kiner, a legendary baseball player and Mets announcer.

We walked into the media room and we also met Ron Darling and Kevin Burkhardt, SNY sports announcers. But wait, it gets even better. While waiting for our interview with Murphy, we also spoke with Justin Turner; he was very nice and funny. We even took a picture with him. We also met pitcher John Rauch.

The best part of the day for Madison was that the Mets won! They beat the Arizona Diamondbacks, 3-1. The game was amazing.

John added, "If I were to choose my favorite part of the day, it was when we got to run the bases, which takes place at the end of the game. It is called the Mr. Met Dash, and it was unbelievable. For a couple of moments, every kid gets to feel just like a big leaguer. I found it amazing, because I was able to look over the whole stadium from the field and was truly overwhelmed by that moment. Another good thing about the Mr. Met Dash is that parents get to share that great moment with their kids by taking pictures from behind home plate."

The event is great for the entire family. If ever you see the opportunity to run the bases at Citi Field, we recommend you grab it and enjoy it like we did! The next Mr. Met Dash is July 8 when the Mets take on the Chicago Cubs.

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