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Kidsday talks to Disney's Bella Thorne

Kidsday reporters Alia Yamin, Dean Sheinman, Brian Cumming

Kidsday reporters Alia Yamin, Dean Sheinman, Brian Cumming and Orell Rayham , all 9, from North Side School in East Williston with Disney star Bella Thorne, at ABC offices in Manhattan. (Dec. 16, 2011) Credit: Newsday/Pat Mullooly

We met actress Bella Thorne, who stars in one of our favorite Disney shows, "Shake It Up!," while she was in Manhattan recently.

Who do you like to hang out with the most from the cast?

Definitely Zendaya, and I also think probably Kenton [Duty] and Davis [Cleveland]. I love Davis and I love Kenton.

What is your favorite episode in "Shake It Up!"?

In "Shake It Up!," my favorite episode is probably -- oh that's a hard one -- for the first season I really like the dyslexia episode because I'm dyslexic, of course. There's an episode coming up where you get to meet my dad. He's in the second season. I really like that because it's all about family and it's really cute.

How hard was it to learn all the dance moves?

It's definitely hard because I was never a dancer before "Shake It Up!" It was definitely difficult to become a dancer and getting used to this world that I wasn't a part of.

Is working on a movie different from working on the TV show?

Working on a movie is a lot different just because of the timing and how long it takes. We're doing a four-camera set up and there's a whole hard set in back of us and it ends and you always have to keep face front. Like where you walk, you have to walk, like, still front. So in a movie you can do whatever you want -- the camera will follow you. And so, in the TV show, you have to follow the camera. You can take your time [in a movie] and think about things. But in a sitcom, 30 minutes is done. So it's definitely really different.

Are you like your character in real life?

I'm a lot like my character from the movie ["Frenemies"] and from the show. I think that those two characters, Avalon and CeCe, mixed together would definitely be me.

Do you like being recognized?

I do, because I love meeting my fans. I love meeting new people, and when they smile and they look at me, it makes me want to cry, because that's why we do it. We do it to impress them and make them laugh and smile, and they make me really happy.

What's the best thing about being famous?

I think getting to meet your fans. Getting to meet the people that love you and are always going to be there for you. To say I have the best fans -- I can't imagine not having them -- I love them so much.

Do you like dancing better than acting?

No, but I would say I like them equally.

If you weren't an actor, what would you like to be?

I can't really imagine myself not being an actor not doing what I love. I would say probably an artist. I love drawing and painting.

What else have you acted on?

I've done a lot. I've done - this is like my first comedy, Disney comedy, but before I did "Big Love," "My Own Worst Enemy," I've done like a lot more serious stuff.

What do you do in your free time?

I haven't really had free time, but I'd say being with friends and sleeping all day long.

How long do they give you to memorize your script and dance moves?

So we do temporary read on Wednesday . . . and Thursday we get a new script and we do our producer run-through and on Friday we do our network run-through and on Monday and Tuesday we shoot.

Do you like to hang out with Zendaya?

Oh yeah. Zendaya and I even when we were training in Toronto we would sleep over every night or we would Skype. When we were in Toronto we were together all day. Even now we hang out and we have sleepovers. We're like inseparable.


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