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Kidsday talks to 'House of Anubis' star

Actor Eugene Simon from the Nickelodeon show

Actor Eugene Simon from the Nickelodeon show "House of Anubis" with Kidsday reporters Richard Wittneben, Kristen Julich, Emma Regina and Erik Schassberger, ages 11 and 12 from Islip Middle School in Islip. The kids met him at the Nickelodeon offices in Manhattan. (Jan. 23, 2012) Credit: Newsday/Pat Mullooly

We interviewed actor Eugene Simon at the Nickelodeon offices in Manhattan recently. He stars as Jerome Clark in our new favorite Nickelodeon show, "House of Anubis."

If you could be anybody else from the "House of Anubis," who would you be and why?

I would like to say I would like to be one of the main characters. If I'm really honest with you, Victor. If I could be Victor for one day, then I would be incredibly happy. It would be a fairly lonely life, but it would still be incredibly fun to walk around -- every time you walk into a room, kids would be just, like, absolutely terrified of you. That would be great.

What is your favorite episode in "House of Anubis"?

The one you may have seen recently, "Donkey Day." That was a real push to do. Literally, these things were filled with creamed carrots. It was no joke. They had the three of them lined up, slam them down, and it was great to do. I was really eating the stuff. And we had the cameras on me, and I had to like eat for about 12 takes about at which point I was like going, 'OK, I'm feeling it now.' Then, we turned around and we had to give the guys who were opposite us a reaction. And I thought, I can't have them react to nothing. I can't pretend to be eating it. So I actually carried on eating. I think it was about 11/2 hours of eating the stuff. It was fun.

How was your life changed since you began show business?

Tremendously. Look where I am. When I was 17, I auditioned for "House of Anubis." I was in my last year of school, and I auditioned. I met Brad [Kavanagh] and Alex [Sawyer] and all the people who I didn't realize I would end up working with for the next two years. I eventually was thrilled to hear that I got the part of Jerome, who was one of my favorite characters. I think it really changed when I left school straight away, and I went immediately up to Liverpool, which is where we film the shows. Immediately gone from school to the set. I had plans for the summer to sort of relax with my friends for a while. It didn't happen. I'm really happy about it. But it's not a normal life. It's terrific fun, and it can be exhilarating.

We heard that you did modeling. We want to know if you like modeling better or doing the "House of Anubis" on TV better.

I've done a little bit of it that revolved around doing interviews and sort of a nice set of photos for a couple of things. The main thing I really did was photos for my portfolio, where I have my profile. And that's it really. I did enjoy it.

You actually held the animals on the show?

They were 100 percent alive. We had this incredible scene where this barn owl is in one of the scenes. One of our maids comes in to clean my room. It was in a state. This owl was sitting on a tree branch I had in my room, and she came in and it attacked her. And they used the take. And she's going, "No, stop it," and then it just flies out of the room. And they used it. That was quite a scene. That's why I enjoyed it.

Do you ever get a break from "House of Anubis"?

We do get breaks. We have time when we're not in specific scenes. Say there are nine scenes in a day, I'll be in the 3rd, 4th, 7th and 8th. So we have time off. . . . We have a break, and we go off and we hang out in what's about the size of this room. So, let's say that's the studio, and we come back and all of us would be the cast that's on the set, the crew and anybody in production. And you got to meet these people, such fantastic people to be around. They are incredibly funny, and we all work so hard and we're exhausted. All of us are tired together. So it's kind of OK.

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