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Kidsday talks to Hugh Grant

Actor Hugh Grant who stars as Pirate Captain

Actor Hugh Grant who stars as Pirate Captain in the movie "The Pirates: Band of Misfits," is at the Regency Hotel in Manhattan with Kidsday reporters John Venesina, 12, Hampton Bays, Laura Narando, 11, Hampton Bays, Emily Bennett, 11 Southampton, and Maximillian Bass, 12, Southampton. (April 20, 2012) Photo Credit: Newsday/Pat Mullooly

The movie "The Pirates! Band of Misfits" is an adventurous comedy that includes the luscious bearded Pirate Captain, voiced by Hugh Grant. With his crew and lovely dodo bird, Polly, he goes off to Blood Island to sign up to win the Pirate of the Year honors. This leads to many crazy adventures that make this movie so great.

Grant is a perfect fit for this role because he is humorous and has the ideal voice and attitude for a captain. We also liked the dodo bird that they think is a parrot, which they name Polly. Polly is the heart of Pirate Captain's family. When there is trouble with Polly, the entire ship wants to help. It turns out the Pirate Captain learns a valuable lesson about family and friends. They are more important than pirate booty or the Pirate of the Year award.

We rate this movie a 4 (out of 5). There are lots of sight gags and jokes even adults will love. They will love the adventure, too. There are some sad parts, but they make you feel for the characters. No matter if you are laughing or sad, you can't help but love this movie.

After seeing the movie, we came back to Manhattan last Friday to interview Hugh Grant. Here is part of our interview with him:

What did you like about being a Pirate Captain?

It was fun just doing silly voices. . . . I had to invent a whole silly voice. A lot of it is based on his googly eye. Big googly eyes, big barrel chest . . . he's an idiot.

Did you already sign up to play the part of captain or did you want a different part?

No, I wanted that. I liked the part. I like a lot of attention. I'm a very insecure man.

We liked your beard. Did you ever think of growing one like that?

I wish I could. I have a very strange beard. It doesn't grow much, and what does come out is a sort of green color, which is really unattractive. I do have a lot of growth on my cheeks and my eyebrows, and if I really tried I could grow a full beard on the upper half of my face.

Who is your favorite character in the movie besides you?

I can't really tear my eyes off me because I'm marvelous. It might be right at the beginning of the film. All the pirates are fighting each other and I burst into the room and they all freeze and one of them is hitting another one over the head with a lobster. And even the lobster freezes when I walk in and looks terrified.

What made you decide to do an animation movie?

Well, I wanted to do it because I love these people, Aardman Animations. I love "Wallace & Gromit" and "Chicken Run," all those things. They're genius and also the script made me laugh and these days I'm so old and grumpy it's very difficult to make me laugh. . . . If lots of people go see this one, we'll make a sequel. Encourage your friends.


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