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Kidsday talks with actor Ryan Ochoa

Actor Ryan Ochoa from "Pair of Kings" at

Actor Ryan Ochoa from "Pair of Kings" at Planet Hollywood in Manhattan with Kidsday reporters Jack Vavassis, Danny Striano, Caroline Walter and Molly Tuohy Credit: Newsday/Pat Mullooly

We met actor Ryan Ochoa who stars as Lanny in the Disney show “Pair of Kings” at Planet Hollywood recently.
Who is your closest friend on the set of “Pair of Kings”? Are you friends with Mitchel Musso or Larramie Doc Shaw?

Yes. Honestly I can’t really say either one of them. They’re like, we’re all the biggest family. Mitchel and Doc are like my older brothers and Kelsey’s like my sister and Geno’s  like, he’s big Geno, he’s like our Big Pops. We’re all really close.
What was it like working on the cast of “Pair of Kings” and “iCarly”?

On “iCarly” the cast is amazing. They’re all really down to earth and nice. And in “Pair of Kings” we’re like this big family. To have a good show you have to get along well with your castmates and we all really did. And we do on “Pair of Kings.”
Why do you always play evil characters?

I don’t know. I’m a really down to earth person, not mean at all. So I’m able to act. I’m able to be the mean kid all the time. It’s fun and I like doing it. Be mischievous and conniving and evil. I get to yell a lot. I’m not like that at all.
Who is your closest friend on the set of “iCarly”?

Jennette McCurdy. Have you seen we did a YouTube together? We’re rapping and we’re dancing. It’s really amazing. I really like Jennette. And we really talk all the time. She actually came to a taping of “Pair of Kings” and she watched it.
Where did you grow up?

I grew up in San Diego, California. My dad owned a furniture store down there and so on the weekends we used to go down there and play football outside on the side streets next to Toys ’R Us. We use to go to Toys ’R Us, go down and ride the bikes down the aisles and do kids stuff.
Do you have any pets?

Yes, I have a Chinese shar pei. His name is Rinkles because all my brothers, all the boys in our family all start with R. So since he’s a boy we had to name him Rinkles with an R.
What is your favorite thing to do when you’re not acting?

I like going bowling. I’m a big sports person. I like to play football too. And me and my brothers we always throw a football around and on the weekends we go bowling. Me and my family we bowl a lot. Hanging out with friends.
What was your favorite subject?

In fourth — I liked history. I got to do a state report on California. History was just a fun class. I like going into history class for some reason because I like learning about geography and all that kind of fun stuff.
What book or book series do you like to read?

Have you guys heard of the “39 Clues”? Yes, that’s the most amazing series ever. I love the “39 Clues.” Do you guys read “Twilight”? I only read the first one.
Do you go to school or are you home schooled?

I actually go to public school down in San Diego area. I guess you get to stay grounded, being with friends, we get to go out and go to the movies, hang out and just be normal. Not have to worry about L.A.
Do you think you always want to be an actor?

Acting is my life. That’s my personal quote. Acting is so much fun. I just like being in front of the cameras and just being able to be Lannie and Chuck and just do a different character and something new all the time. But acting is so much fun. You just get to have fun and go around do what you love. And acting is something I want to go on and do some big action movie, romantic comedies and stuff like that.

What is the hardest thing about acting?

Honestly there is not one thing at all. It’s something that’s really fun and the best thing about it is being able to be here with you guys, being able to be with kids and being able to express myself like this and it’s the best thing ever.
Do you like your role in “Pair of Kings” or wish you were one of the Kings?

No, I think you have to have that little bad side of the show. Being able to portray that is the best part for me. I think Mitchel and Doc are the perfect picks for the Kings and they have the best chemistry ever. And Chelsea and Geno they were the best picks too. I think we have an amazing and down-to-earth cast. I hope you guys like it. Me and my brothers, we watch it all the time. When the new episodes are airing we’re right in front of the TV. I have a great time working on the show and I’m just glad you kids watch it and enjoy the show.
What is your favorite episode of “Pair of Kings”?

Honestly I like them all, but there were a few that I really liked. My brother got to be in “Tone Deaf Jam” that airs this Friday on Disney Channel. He actually has a little cameo in that too. That was cool. So maybe that one, but there’s a few I really enjoyed. In “Tone Deaf Jam,” Mitchel gets to sing in it. So that’s cool.
Besides yourself who is your favorite celebrity?

Leonardo DiCaprio. He’s a great actor and I look up to him. He’s like my mentor. He’s a really good actor and I watch all of his movies like “Inception,” one of the best movies ever.
Have you ever been on any other TV shows, movies or commercials?

I was in “iCarly,” but I was in “Christmas Carol” with Jim Carrey. I played 15 different roles. I played the voice of Tiny Tim, I played Sleigh Boy, Cratchit Boy. I have a new movie and it’s call “Mars Needs Moms.” It’s another motion-capture movie. That’s a real fun one, I get to play these evil mean hatchlings and these cute sensitive hatchlings too. I do mostly motion-capture movies. I did a baseball movie with Jake T. Austin and Moises Arias called “The Perfect Game” and that was really fun.
What was the very first show you auditioned for?

I don’t know about the first show, but the first commercial. The first audition I ever auditioned for was for a Greyhound commercial. And I actually got it too, which was really cool. Do you guys know like the Greyhound buses? Big long dogs on that. I got to go on a bus and sit in there and be all happy. It was fun.
Do paparazzi annoy you?

No. Not one bit. I like it. I like when people come up and somebody spots me on the street or something like a theme park or out with friends and hey can we get a picture or something. It’s the best thing in the world.
Who did you look up to?

My family. My older brothers, my parents. They’re really big supporters in my life and they help me become an actor and get on TV. It was my dream being an actor. It was my dream. They supported me through it all. They’re like my mentors.
Do you have any brothers or sisters and how old are they actors?

Yes, actually I have three brothers, one older his name is Ricky, he’s 18. And I have Robert who is 11 and then Raymond’s 9. And they are all actors. My two youngest brothers were in “Mars Needs Mom” with me. And then Raymond was in “Christmas Carol” with me. And my older brother just got back in the business. We were hoping we could do a big movie together. That would be fun.

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