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Kidsday talks with actress Selena Gomez

We met singer and actress Selena Gomez when she was in Manhattan recently. Her latest album, “A Year Without Rain,” was released last month. Selena stars as Alex Russo on the Disney show, “Wizards of Waverly Place.”
Do you enjoy acting in movies or TV shows better?

I love both to be honest. I love my show to death, but I also enjoy working on movies. Eventually I think I’ll make the transition into doing more films, but I will always be honored to go back to television. It’s really fun.
What’s it like playing a wizard?

It’s really fun. I get to do a lot of special effects and since it’s like my first character that I can really — I have a special place in my heart for Alex because I’ve grown up with her. And when the shows over because this is the last season that we’re doing I get to keep Alex’s wand, which I’m really excited about. I never get to take it home, so now I get to keep it at home. I may put it in a frame. I’m going to start crying.
You’re also a style icon. Where does fashion inspire you?

I think fashion is a wonderful way of expressing yourself. For me I just really encourage girls, your age or my age wear what they think is beautiful and what they feel beautiful in. Don’t wear something that’s uncomfortable or just because everyone else is wearing it. Wear what you want to wear and I’ve been told I dress like a grandma sometimes.
Can you give us an insight of what is forthcoming in “Wizards of Waverly Place”?

We’re revamping the show and we’re kind of doing a little twist to it. So as far as I’m concerned they’re keeping it very under wraps because it’s supposed to be a bigger season.
Do you like singing or acting better and why?

I like both. I’m not sure I could really pick one. Eventually when I get a little bit older I’d probably stick to acting because that’s where I started. But I have a passion for both. So I don’t know. I love both right now so I’m going to continue to do both as long as I can.
Where do you stand when it comes to the issue of staying healthy. Do you do a lot of exercise in your busy lifestyle?

I’m actually really bad at that. My mom always makes sure that I take care of myself. So whenever it comes to eating French fries she always makes sure I’m eating something healthy like fish or chicken. Even to this day, she’ll be like, Selena have this, havemore of this. At the same time I’m still a kid, I still definitely like to enjoy my meals, but it’s all about portion. I think it’s not about being healthy, because none of you should be eating salads right now or anything. And think of sport. I think my being on stage is my sport because I’m running around singing.
What makes it fun working with David Henrie and Jake T. Austin?

They’re like my real brothers. I’ve known them for a very long time and they’ve seen me at my best and they’ve seem me at my worst and I’ve gotten into fights with them. They’ve gotten on my nerves and I get on their nerves and at the end of the day they are from the beginning with me when I started the show and we’re kind of going through all the mayhem together. I felt very lucky because they’re both extremely good guys and are very nice.

We know you’ve become very good friends with Joey King who played Ramona, in “Ramona and Beezus,” but we want know do you become friends with people you play friends with in the movies and are you still in contact with your friends back home?

Absolutely, yes. One of the best parts about my job is I’m able to meet new people and meet new people that I want to be in my life as my friends or get to know after working. And Joey’s one of them. But I do stay in touch with friends that I’ve known since third grade and since I was 5. So I think it’s nice to have a balance of both. It’s really nice to kind of have someone that could relate to me and then to have someone who goes to normal school and goes through other issues that I may not be familiar with.
How do you prepare for your auditions?

I usually read them by myself, go over them, try to find characters that I’ve watch in the past or other actors who maybe played a similar character, or find different characters and make them into one. Then I try to figure out my own twist on it. So it’s all in trying to find a character and being really comfortable with it and then just going in and doing your best.


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