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Kidsday talks with actress Tiffany Thornton

We met actress Tiffany Thornton who stars as Tawni Hart on the Disney TV show, “Sonny With a Chance,” at Planet Hollywood in Manhattan.
How do you like being on Disney Channel?

I love being on Disney channel. It’s a real cool company to work for because I get to do a bunch of stuff. I do “Sonny with a Chance,” I got to host Radio Disney’s next big thing. There’s a lot of opportunities working for Disney.
Can you tell us about the Disney Sing It?

It’s called Disney Sing It Pop Hits. This is the third game of its kind. But this one is very unique because I got to do a tutorial section where I got to teach kids how to breathe properly, to harmonize, and to do rips and slides and all this cool singing stuff. And you can unlock things and have a concert with your friends and like do 10 songs in a row. It’s really cool.
Do you have fun with the cast of “Sonny With a Chance” off the set?.

Yes, Demi  is one of my best friends and we go and have dinner at her house all the time. And it’s really fun. I go bowling with the guys and we go to each other’s birthday parties, we hang out for Super Bowl, we have parties together. It’s fun.
How did you like being on “Sonny With a Chance”?

I love being on “Sonny With a Chance” because I’m like best friends with everybody on the show. So it's like going to work and playing all day.
If you could sing with one person in the world, who would you sing with?

It’s so hard to pick one person to sing with in the whole world. I would pick a few. First of all Kristen Chenoweth because I adore her. I think she’s fabulous. Reba McEntire because she’s like a music icon, Alison Krauss because she’s got the most incredible voice in the whole world and Sandi Patty because I grew up listening to her music all the time. So I’d do like a throw back to l987 and we’d sing some of those songs.
Does it make you feel special to be a role model for young girls?

It’s so awesome to be a role model for young girls. Especially in today’s day and age because all the kids are so awesome. The kids I meet are really cool and I love kids. If I wasn’t an actress I would be a pediatrician, which is a doctor for kids, own a daycare. So I love hanging out with you guys. So yeah, I think it's really cool.
Do you like New York?

I'm obsessed with New York. I love it here. Although it’s kind of cold. LA doesn’t have winter, so I'm not too good in cold weather. My best friend Alicia goes to Columbia grad school, so I can come visit her all the time. So I just think it’s beautiful. There's no city like it.
Is it hard remembering all the lines for the show?.

It’s pretty hard remembering all the lines for the show. Yeah. We have about 50 - 55 pages per script each week. And of those 50 pages we are each in — this past week I was maybe 44 of the pages I have lines on. It can be kind of challenging. It’s like riding a bike. You don’t really forget how to do it, you just a little rusty and we’re back in the swing of things.
What is your favorite part in “Sonny With a Chance”?

We have live audience taping. So kids like you guys and their parents come out and watch the show and we get to tape in front of them. It’s cool to have them there because they laugh more than the writers do. Because the writers have heard the jokes since Monday, so they don’t think they’re very funny anymore. Friday night is definitely my favorite part.

How old were you when you became famous?
I don’t feel like I’m famous. But I guess if you want to call it that. I don’t think anybody really recognized me in many places until last year. And I’m 23 so that would be 22?
What is your favorite TV show?
My favorite TV show — I love to cook so I watch Food Network all the time. So I like next Iron Chef. Although it kind of makes me hungry, so I try not to watch it too much so then I get really hungry.
What show would be want to be on if you had a chance?
If I had a chance to be on any show . . . have you ever heard of Paula Deen? She has this cooking show. And she has this real thick Southern accent and she makes the most amazing-looking food ever. So I would probably want to be on her show. She has a show like Emeril , like they cook in front of people. Sounds cool, huh?
Where did you grow up?
I grew up in Texas. In Houston and in College Station.
Did you always want to be an actress?
I always enjoyed performing. I was a cheerleader when I was younger. I was in gymnastics, I played tennis and basketball. So I never had stage fright or anything. I sang my whole life. I didn't start to love acting until I moved to LA like 6 years ago and really got into it.
Was it fun making the video “I Believe”?
Making the video “I Believe” was so cool because I got to be in the studio with Kermit and it was all decorated for Christmas and I got to wear a really cool hat and jacket that matched. So yeah, I was awesome. It was definitely a dream come true.
Who is your role model?
Well, I’m a Christian so my faith is very important to me. So Christ I would say is my role model. I pray a lot about my career and this is where God really wants me and God put me in this place and blessed me with the opportunity to meet awesome kids like you guys and to be in the parade and stuff. So I would say Christ is my role model.
Where do you tape the show?
We tape the show in Hollywood. Last year we taped it in Burbank and we moved to Hollywood Center Studios. So we’re on the same lot as “Wizards of Waverly Place” and “I’m With the Band” and “Good Luck Charlie.” And I think, I don’t know if Jonas films there, but “Sweet Life on Deck” films there. So we’re all kind of in the same place.
What is your favorite episode of the show?
There’s a musical act in it and all of us sing, Doug, Brandon, Sterling, myself and Demi. We all put together this song for the show. So I can’t wait for you guys to see it.
If you could change one thing in the world, what would it be?
I think I would change judgment. I think that none of us have the right to judge others and I think it can be very harsh. In school, I’m sure you guys know, like if you play one sport other people think this of you and if you don’t play sports, I think it can be really tough out there. People think like celebrities are super human, and they say very mean things to us and people in school say mean things to each other and it's just not nice. I think I would change the fact that other people feel it necessary to cast judgment on others.

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