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Good Afternoon

Kidsday talks with Big Time Rush

We spoke with Kendall Schmidt, James Maslow, Logan Henderson and Carlos Pena, cast members from our new favorite Nickelodeon show “Big Time Rush,” when they were at Planet Hollywood in Manhattan recently.
Where does the name Big Time Rush come from?

Logan: It’s actually a hockey term, like to rush. It’s like a playoff on a hockey term. It took us awhile to find it, but once we had it — it kind of clicked and it came together for us.
In the show do you have a lot of fun messing up two classrooms?

Logan: Are you kidding? That was the best part of the episode. Like being able to wreck everything.
Kendall: I spent a lot of time in school. It was finally great to just rip apart a classroom
James: Sometimes we feel bad because people legitimately take days to build these sets sometimes, but we — they go an make everything perfect, realistic and sometimes like real places and then we go in there in minutes just destroy the place.
What was your favorite experience about “Big Time Rush”?

Logan: We’re still here. This right here we’re talking with you guys. Honestly you guys have no idea how cool this is.
James: Honestly this is the first time we’ve been together as a group and have to really get to meet our fans. To see, obviously you guys are doing double duty interview saying hi, you guys smile and everyone coming at you. Enjoy it. Like wow we didn’t even realize how much people like the show. So this is why we do it. It’s awesome.
What is your favorite part in the TV show?

Kendall: I like to get pushed into the pool. Every time I get pushed into the pool it’s very enjoyable. Because it’s hot in that stage where the pool is. That specific stage where the pool is it gets 110 degrees and the pool is heated but it’s still like 80 degrees. So it’s way better to be in the pool than outside. So that’s my favorite part.
James: We get to do in up and coming episodes, every two or three episodes we do kind of montage or full music video. So that’s it’s so much fun to do.
Carlos: Singing and recording. I’ve never been in a recording studio before. Now I get to go in a record, make songs.
Logan: We’re still learning; so that’s like the coolest part. It’s like if you could keep on learning something, keep on doing it.
How much time do you get to just hang out?

James: This is hanging out for us.
Kendall: We hang out all day, but honestly we work 14 hours a day, so we’re with each other all day. We’re hanging out every minute.
Carlos: It’s fun. Work is like — it’s not work. We go to set and we get to make a fun TV show and then go sing and it’s just — it’s the coolest job in the world.
Do you ever sing in the shower?

Logan: I sing everywhere I go. Singing and dancing — we always goof around.
James: That’s how we all started. That’s how everybody started. If you love doing it you do it. Just because we’re doing it for our job now doesn’t mean we’re going to stop doing it when we have time off.
Kendall: Honestly my best place to sing and it always has been is in the car. And it’s kind of embarrassing sometimes when you’re at a stop light and you’re just belting and you look over and some person is just laughing at you and pointing. It’s very embarrassing but I don’t even like to talk in the car. I get in the car and that’s music time, put a CD in and just drive. That’s my favorite time.
James: Especially super embarrassing when it’s a Miley Cyrus song.
Kendall: Yeah, I was singing “Party in the USA” at a stoplight and someone was just laughing at me.
What was the hardest thing you had to get use to when doing the show?

Kendall: I’ll say dancing for me. I wasn’t a trained dancer so I kind of got thrown in head first and had to figure it out along the way. I feel like I’m doing pretty good, but definitely was improving.
James: I think the hours. It’s not really work or is goofing off, but like when you play for 20 hours a day you get tired. So just figuring out the schedule. We went from a lot of waiting time with this in terms of auditioning and being on hold. And then when it went through a few months ago we’ve been running with it and it’s a huge change. I think we’re still getting use to those hours.
Has your popularity changed you?

Logan: Nope, we’re still losers.
Kendall: I clean my room. I have to. I have to do laundry, hasn’t changed anything.
Logan: We still take out the trash.
Carlos: We still get yelled at: “Carlos, what are you doing?”
James: I don’t think it ever will. These are great kids. We are all lucky to have had normal... We know actors get into it at such a young age, they never go to school. And all of us did. We had that experience and now have this experience. And have great families.
 Did you just meet, or knew each other at a young age?
Kendall: Me and Logan knew each other before. I have not auditioned for it. But these guys had been working on it for so long they became great friends. So it was like such a long process but we all got to know each other and we kind of like each other.
Carlos: We’re like brothers basically.
If you could be on any other TV show what would it be?
Kendall: I would love to do a voice on “Family Guy” or “The Simpsons.”
Carlos: Awesome. I think it would be awesome to be turned into a cartoon and just appear like in “SpongeBob.” I think that would be kind of fun.
When you were growing up what was your favorite group or shows?
Kendall: My favorite were the Nickelodeon. I used to watch "Legends of the Hidden Temple."
James: You got paid to say that.
Kendall: “Legends of the Hidden Temple” was around 1993, 1994 and it was like a kid’s game show thing like where they run through a temple and -- have you seen that? -i You go through a temple and find stuff. All that.
Carlos: “SpongeBob SquarePants.”
Logan: That’s an awesome show.
Were all the stunts hard to do in the show?
James: We had some fun ones as a matter of fact Kendall and I want to tell you about one. Don’t we, big guy? We were doing a hockey stunt. We were playing hockey in our apartment in an upcoming episode and big guy wasn’t around for rehearsal, wasn’t he?
Kendall: I wasn’t. I was probably eating.
James: So we go to actually do it and don’t actually pay attention. He jumps in; we don’t worry about it. He’s supposed to check me into the counter. He decides to check me as hard as he possibly can and I didn’t know he was check and I’m jumping on top of it. Long story short I ended up going flying through the air, which was great, but I came out cutting my entire arm.
Carlos: But it looked good.
Logan: We actually had five members in the band but that stunt didn’t actually go so well.
So when the basketball hoop fell on the drum was that real?
Oh yeah.
And the drum was real?
James: Unfortunately. they were
Logan: He played on those drums and actually they wrecked them so gone forever.
Have you been in a school play when you were younger?
Carlos: Yeah, totally.
Kendall: I think I was the littlest Christmas tree. Seriously.
James: I grew up in theater in San Diego so actually we all grew up in theater and did a lot.
Logan: We all did a lot of theater. We had a strong passion. It’s awesome.
Carlos: I played Aladdin.
What advice would you give new actors about getting started?
Definitely you just got to keep going at it. You just can’t give up. I know I auditioned a lot of times and so did Kendall and James. We’ve been through hundreds of auditions and this was the right one.
Logan: It takes a long time. I know in the very beginning when I was first starting out a lot of people said don’t give it a try, you can’t do it. They said a lot of things, but sometimes you just have to follow your heart and do what you want.
You are acting now, but if you had to pick another career, what would it be?
Kendall: When I was younger I always wanted to be a biologist. And I think I still am going to do that one day. Buy a ticket to like Borneo and just go and study the rainforest. I think that would be cool.
James: I was always interested in architecture when I was younger. I think it would be very cool to design houses.
Logan: I’d probably do something in art. I really love it especially when I was young I just love it and I still try to create pieces and do different stuff when I have time. But something with art would be cool.
Carlos: I always wanted to be a dolphin and whale trainer at Sea World. I always told myself I would a marine biologist so I can ride the whales and get thrown up in the air and stuff. I think it would be fun.
Logan: He talks to dolphins now.
James: Dolphin Whisperer -- talk to dolphins. It’s awesome.

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