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Good Evening

Kidsday talks with caricaturist Alison Gelbman

Caricature artist Alison Gelbman with Matthew Hedvat and

Caricature artist Alison Gelbman with Matthew Hedvat and Rebecca Yaminian from the Long Island Hebrew Academy in Great Neck. The kids are holding their caricatures which were drawn by Gelbman. Credit: Newsday/Pat Mullooly

Caricature artist Alison Gelbman came to our school to tell us about being an artist. She told us how she went to college to become an art teacher, but then decided not to teach and just become a caricature artist.

She started her career painting portraits. Then she realized that by people watching you could see many different things about a person so she began to draw exaggerated pictures of people. Some people suggested that she should get paid for her work. So she made up some business cards and started working at Bar/Bat Mitzvahs, weddings and corporate parties. She made a nice living doing this.

As she told us about her work she put lots and lots of artwork on the walls in our classroom. By the time she was done, almost the entire front wall of the class was filled with beautiful pieces of art.

It was exciting and amazing to see all of her drawings. She then chose two students to draw. We were the lucky ones. It was so much fun. She talked to us about how she studies our face and looks for different things to exaggerate or make “more interesting.”

After that, Alison gave the entire class different types of paper and markers so that we could draw caricatures of our classmates. We all had a great time. Alison Gelbman is a very funny and talented artist. We recommend that you hire her for your next special occasion, she will make your party so much better! To reach her, email: or call 516-579-4706.

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