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38° Good Afternoon

Kidsday talks with Carrie Ann Inaba

We met Carrie Ann Inaba, a famous singer and dancer. She is also a judge on the hit TV show "Dancing With the Stars." We sat down with her in a recording studio and asked her some questions. She answered  every question with cheer and happiness in her voice.

We were all really nervous when we walked in the door and saw her sitting in the recording studio. By the time we asked her a question or two we all started to calm down. Shane was the first to ask her a question. Carrie Ann looked really excited and happy.

Carrie may have looked like an adult, but she truly was just like us kids. Sometimes, she even messed up. "We may act and look like grown ups, but we're kids inside our hearts just like you," Carrie said to us. 

Alyssa asked her a question, Which dance style do you like best?  She answered that her favorite dance style was jazz. Every time we asked her a question she gave a very enthusiastic answer and would always try to connect with us. For example, Elizabeth asked her: Which do you like better, singing or dancing? Carrie told us that singing was her dream and she truly loves singing. She told us to follow our hearts to make our dreams come true.

At the end of the interview, Shane nervously asked Carrie Ann to dance with us.  She said "Of course!" We all went to the back of the room.  Carrie Ann went through her iPod until she found the perfect dancing song. She was our choreographer. She would start dancing and tell us to do what she was doing. It was really fun!

Carrie was very silly and fun to be with. Doing one dance move, she almost fell over. She leaned back onto what she thought was a wall. But, she caught her balance and just kept laughing. Sadly, we had to go home. We took pictures with her and we all got her autograph. We didn't look forward to the ride home. But, we had a day to remember. It's not every day you get to hang out and dance with a celebrity.


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