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Kidsday talks with 'Glee's' Dianna Agron

Kidsday reporters, from left, Julia Reilly, Carly Rovner,

Kidsday reporters, from left, Julia Reilly, Carly Rovner, Emily Davidow and Jessica McGowan with "Glee" actress Dianna Agron Credit: Newsday photo/Pat Mullooly

We met actress Dianna Agron who stars as Quinn on the popular TV show “Glee” while she was at the Crosby Street Hotel in Manhattan recently.

How is it different from TV and movies?

On our TV show “Glee” sometimes it can be similar to a movie, because it has large cranes that come in, so you got those dramatic crane shots, wide angles and things like that. Especially on the dance numbers. Sometimes on TV it’s much closer and there’s two cameras and with movies you’re often at times on location and again just huge shots because like you know when the movie’s coming in it’s coming in from the sky and then it’s sweeping down and then it finally end up on you. There’s things like that... You figure on our TV show we spend eight days per episode. That is about ... 42 minutes of footage in eight days. Where in a movie you got about 11 1/2 hours of end footage and you get to film that over three months. You just have more time. TV is faster.
What do you do with your spare time?

I love cooking, I love my puppies. I take them out for long walks and hikes. I have a French poodle. His name is Arthur and he’s tan. And then I got a little rescue pit terrier mix and he’s only this big. He’s gray and he’s got bright blue eyes and a white chest.
Do you have any special talents?

I don’t think so. I’m good at cooking. My mind goes to that can I do that weird frog thing with my tongue or can I juggle. Anything like that. I can do one eyebrow , I think.
How old would you say when you started really with your career?

I’d say it really took off when I was 18 and I moved to L.A.
What’s your favorite part about filming “Glee”?

Being with my friends. We’re all best friends and that goes for the crew as well. We’re such a family and you get to be with them everyday and then do a lot of good material and sing and dance and laugh. We’re always poking fun at each other. It’s just a lot of fun.
What was your favorite animal?

An elephant. Aside from dogs.
How do you really see your character in “Glee”?

First, I saw no similarities between myself and Quinn. She was so mean. We have these scenes, especially with Leah, and afterward, in the beginning we didn’t know each other very well and you think, OK if she’s believing me as an actor saying these things I want to just quickly apologize after. I want to “you know that’s not me.” Thank you. Hug. Awkward. But then as time went on I think especially being pregnant and keeping the baby and going through all that stuff she really found compassion and that’s something that my mom always taught me that so important is that if you don’t understand others present situation just to be compassionate to them and what they may be going through.
How did you get into acting?

I started ballet when I was 3, and the movies that my mom would show me were all musicals. Kind of the older musicals that maybe you guys haven’t seen. “Singin’ in the Rain,” “American in Paris.” And that was something that was so prevalent in that era of film was musicals. So I thought maybe I could do. I just moved to this new school, I was like nobody really knows me. This might be fun to get involved in and so I auditioned and I got it and that’s the first time I sang and I was so nervous and it worked out and then in middle school there was a few summer theater camps that I did, but it wasn’t really until senior year of high school that I got into the acting class full time and love it and knew I wanted to move to L.A. and took it one step at a time and took acting classes every day and auditions and smaller roles.

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