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Kidsday talks with singer Cady Groves

We met singer Cady Groves after her set at the Bamboozle Road Show at the Nassau Coliseum in June.

Cady is from the midwest, she told us that she grew up in Las Vegas, Oklahoma and Kansas — she calls herself a pirate because she moved from place to place, and that is what she named her EP album, “Life of a Pirate.”
Did you finish high school and college?

I finished both. Actually I graduated high school very early and then I went straight to college when I was 16 and I went to culinary school to be a chef in Vegas and I graduated that and did business at Southwestern Oklahoma State and just kept going.
What kind of singer/songwriter do you consider yourself?

An honest one. Because I don’t have any reason to lie or anything. I just say what I feel.
How would you describe your style of clothes and your hair?

Cheap and easy and whatever happens happens. My hair air dries this way, my clothes are probably dirty and I don’t really care. The only thing that you can count on me wearing everyday are big sunglasses and cowboy boots. That’s what I wear every single day.
Have you ever made any mistakes while performing?

Actually today the cord came out of my microphone. I was singing and the guys couldn’t hear anything. I just laughed it off and plugged it back in. Stuff happens. People don’t care.

Did you meet a lot of friends on tour?

It’s awesome. I love everyone so much. They call me the “Tour Darling” because I just hang out with everyone and I love everyone so much. I’ve gotten really close to all these people and it’s going to be hard to say goodbye and I don’t really want to. I’m going to cry like a baby tomorrow. It’s going to be ridiculous. I’ll be weeping all day.

Do you like making music videos?

Yeah, they’re fun. I made my last one by myself actually. I was with just my friends and let’s make a music video. And it got on the page of PureVolume like for a week and half. So it’s cool. It was like a good achievement because I did it myself. I planned it all; I did all the shots.
Out of all the songs you’ve written, which one is your favorite?

I love all of them, but I really like, because they honestly mean something to me. Like it’s something I had to get off my chest. I really like “The Life of a Pirate” because it’s like my autobiography sort of and about the only way I know I can see myself in the only truth I know about myself.
What advice would you give to an inspiring singer or musician?

It can happen for you. It happened so randomly for me. I never knew I could sing until 8 months ago. Honestly never knew. I just love to write music. I had someone else who was going to sing. I saved up a whole bunch of money and I was going to get recording time and I had someone else to sing my song for me, but she backed out at the last minute. So I ended up singing it. I posted it on MySpace and the rest is history. It all blew up and here I am now. I just signed with RCA, so it’s awesome.
What’s your worst habit?

My worst habit — I say “like” a lot when I’m talking or I say “um”.
What’s your favorite thing about touring?
Every single little thing. I love it all. I never want to be off tour. I want to be touring the rest of my life. Making music, playing music, it’s so much fun.
Who is your biggest influence in becoming a singer?
Actually my favorite artist since I was 4 years old and is still my favorite artist, like favorite album as well is the “Jagged Little Pill” by Alanis Morissette. I’m just like obsessed with her. I think she’s awesome.

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