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Kidsday talks with singer Camryn

Singer Camryn with Kidsday reporters, from left, Ranana

Singer Camryn with Kidsday reporters, from left, Ranana Chernin, Richard Akilov, Josh Leeman and Eliana Schulman at the Bryant Park Hotel in Manhattan Credit: Newsday

We met new singer Camryn while she was in Manhattan recently at the Bryant Park Hotel. Check out her website: We really like her single “Wait and See.”
Is Camryn your real name or is it a stage name?

Camryn is my real name.
Did you write “Wait and See” and do the lyrics of the song express how you feel about yourself?

No, I co-wrote it. Yes, they do because in “Wait and See” it’s telling people if you tell me I can’t do something, wait a second I’m going over there and do what you said and do. And I’m going to prove it to you that I can do it.

Tell us how you made the video of “Wait and See.”

The whole theme of the music video is I sneak onto a movie set and at the beginning of the video people told me that I can’t make a video because it costs too much money. Well snuck on here and I’m going to use all their stuff for free. But at the same time there’s a security guard, he’s chasing me down everywhere. Actually do you know the show “Family Matters”? Actually Jaleel White, Urkel, stars in it. He’s the security guard. It’s a really cool video and it’s funny too.
Do you get to keep any of the costumes and outfits in the videos and movies?

Yes I do. Some of the shoes that I shot in were I actually got to keep those and some of the props like, you know the princess outfit I wore? I got to keep the wand and the crown and I just got to keep a different thing depending on what they were.
Can you tell us about the new movie you’re going to be featured in, “Judy Moody and the Not Bummer Summer”?

Yes, I can. That movie I actually sneak on to. That movie features three of my songs. That movie is actually really cool. It’s about summer. So I think you guys will really like it.
How did you get into entertainment?

Actually I’ve been singing all my life basically. I would enter in talent shows when I was younger and my mom would always videotape me singing and call her friends and ask me to sing for them. So I recorded a demo and we sent it out to out and that’s how I got a manager.
Do you take singing or dancing lessons?

Singing lessons I take those because it’s good to help you with your breathing and to make sure you sing with your stomach and not your nose or your throat because it gives you a kind of weird voice. I do it just so that I can get a high pitched range and it’s just good in general.
How do you get your school work done?

It’s difficult. What I do is I go to my office right before rehearsals and I work on any homework that I have to do. I get it done and then I do rehearsals and then I go back and I go back home and then I’m fully relaxed and done with my homework. It gets difficult sometimes.

Do you go back to your regular schedule at all?
Yeah I do sometimes depending on the day, but normally rehearing and stuff like that. But I enjoy it so I don’t feel like I’m working.
What do you do just to relax?
Honestly, I like to do normal stuff. Watch TV or I go swimming, or jump on the trampoline. Stuff like that.
Do you have any hobbies?
I am a soccer player; I’m obviously a singer and actress. I am gymnast. I like doing gymnastics, but recently I accidentally, I was playing in a soccer game and I busted my knee. I had to put that on pause.
Which other singers or actors have you worked with and who are you enjoying working with now?
Well, I worked with one of my friends, his name is Jackson. He featured one of my songs. It was really cool working with Jaleel White, he’s really funny. And I am working on different things at the moment.
Tell us something about your family. Do they support what you’re doing?
I have a younger brother and an older sister. And they absolutely support me 100 percent about my dream.

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