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Kidsday talks with stars of "Monte Carlo"

Actress Selena Gomez from new movie

Actress Selena Gomez from new movie "Monte Carlo" with Kidsday reporters, from left, Rebecca Muhlbauer, Taylor Ehrlich, Ryan Testa and Sam Messinger at the Regency Hotel in Manhattan Credit: Newsday/Pat Mullooly

We saw the new movie, “Monte Carlo” and we thought is was a very good romantic comedy. The movie was good because there is always a little twist of happiness and laughter.

This movie is about a girl, Grace (Selena Gomez) who graduates high school and is earning money to go to Paris. She heads off to Paris with her best friend, Emma (Katie Cassidy) and sister, Meg (Leighton Meester), but when they get there the tour is not that great. Somewhere along the way, they get separated from their tour group and get left behind.

They end up going to Monte Carlo when they see a rich, famous stuck-up person, Cordelia, who looks just like Grace. Everyone in Monte Carlo thinks Grace is Cordelia. Grace decides to pretend to be Cordelia when Cordelia doesn’t show up for a charity event. This is where the excitement takes off.

When Cordelia’s aunt uncovers Grace’s secret, Grace and Cordelia end up meeting and that leads to even more problems. At the end of the movie, Grace goes back to her old life, but the movie doesn’t end with that and there is a happy ending!

We think “Monte Carlo” is fun film that we think girls will like a lot.


Actress Selena Gomez
Kidsday reporters, Ages 9 and 10, Dix Hills and Melville
We met actress Selena Gomez at the Regency Hotel in Manhattan recently. She stars as two characters -- Grace and Cordelia -- in the new romantic comedy “Monte Carlo.”
What was it like playing two characters in the movie?
It was so much fun. It’s very cool because I’m use to playing the same character on my show for 4 years so going on a movie and playing two characters were complete different were really fun. But my favorite was playing the British Heiress. She was a very mean girl. It was really fun to play because that was very different for me.
Which character was more like you in “Monte Carlo”?
Probably Grace. I’m from Texas and Grace was from Texas and she really loved her mom and she wanted the best for her mom and I’m like that too, I guess.
How do you like working with the cast of “Monte Carlo”?
It was so much fun. I was the youngest one on the set. So I was a little nervous that they weren’t going to included me because I was a little younger and they were older, they thought they were cooler than me. But they were so nice tome and they treated me like I was one of them and they took me under their wing and very protective. I had the best time with the girls. We had sleepovers, dinner and it was good.
You had to do a British accent, was it hard to do?
Yeah I was nervous. I wanted it to be very realistic so I worked really hard on it. We did two weeks before the film doing the accent and while I was shooting I had a lot of help too.
What did you like about getting all dressed up?
As Cordelia I thought it really helped me with the character because she wore these really pretty dresses, jackets and glasses and she was very intense all the time. So I think when you dress up it helps you play the character. So like when I was Grace I had on cowboy boots and just like a little tee shirt. It made me feel more like Grace, but when I wore the dress and high heals it made me feel like Cordelia. The clothes were really beautiful.
Who taught you how to do that whistle?
I didn’t do it. I could not learn it. I was in the movie trying. They’re teaching me, showing me how to blow. It was no. I was so bad at it. So what I did in the movie was I did this and then they added it later. They let someone else do it and then they put it in the movie.
Did you get to keep any of the clothes and accessories?
No. Isn’t that a bummer? No I didn’t get to keep anything. I think they worry sometimes because just in case we have to go back and shoot something. I think they’re just kind of nervous.
Are you happy that one of your songs is in the movie?
Yes. Very happy. I recorded “Who Says” before or after the movie and they had finished the film and when they heard my single, I released “Who Says” on the radio and Fox, who did the movie, called and said this would be perfect to put in movie. Can we put it in the movie? And it was nice because it is the message that the movies about. About being yourself and being proud of who you are and knowing that you can be what you want to be and that you are good enough to be perfect.
What did you like most about playing Grace in “Monte Carlo”?
I liked the contrast with her wanting to have a good time and then she just kind of wants to be good and just wants a planned vacation and organized and all of a sudden something ticks in her mind and decides to live a celebrity’s life and she takes advantage of that. That wasn’t the smartest thing she’s done, but it was nice that she was willing to make a mistake.

Actress Leighton Meester from the film "Monte Carlo"
Kidsday Reporters, Ages 13 and 16, Seaford and Merrick
We met actress Leighton Meester at the Regency Hotel in Manhattan recently. She stars as Meg in the new romantic comedy “Monte Carlo.” You may know her best as Blair Waldorf on the TV show “Gossip Girl.”
In “Monte Carlo” your character Megan and her friends take a trip to Paris, which turned out to be a big disappointment. Have you ever had a vacation like that?
I’ve had little glitches in vacations that were unexpected but honestly when things go wrong I take it all in stride. I kind of like it when things go wrong especially when I’m with my friends because all of us don’t really like to complain. We just sort of see how each other react and laugh it off.
How was it like working with Cory Monteith and Selena Gomez?
It was really fun. Everyone on this movie from the producers and the director to Selena, Katie  and Cory and Luke and Pierre. Everyone who worked on the movie was wonderful. I kind of felt sorry for the boys at first when they came on because us three girls had gotten so close and we were just like no boys. Sorry. But we really got along and I think you can really see it in the movie how much we really liked each other and I have a lot of respect for them because they’re incredibly talented but also because in their real life they’re just nice good people and Katie and Selena specifically really were wonderful friends to me and I think the girls I have encountered in this business, this was a very lucky job for me to work on with such good girls because it’s not always easy to find and they’re so real and they’re so nice and it’s not at all catty or there’s nothing but just positivity all the time and helping each other out. In real life we gave each other advice and played music with each other and really ate a lot, shopped and everything else that you could do on a vacation with somebody, but also working so you’re even closer. I love to be friends with people I work with
What is your favorite genre of movies that you like to play in?
I like to play in different genres. I think that’s what’s exciting about acting is that you get to do different things and a lot of it is really fun. It’s about experimenting and I like to have funny times and those sets are really fun and everyone’s laughing and just sort of hanging out more and there’s really dramatic stuff and that’s really different and interesting to explore. I’ve never done anything that’s like action. I think that would be kind of cool.
How was your day on the music video with Cobra Starship awhile ago?
That was so fun. Those guys are really talented and fun and the whole process of working with them was — it was really cool and I love that song still. It was a really fun time. The shoot, if you see people dancing it’s just because we’re actually dancing.
How was it working with Minka Kelly in “The Roommate”?
She’s wonderful. She another one of those girls that it was really great to work with her. I’ve actually known her since I was 16, which for me was a long time ago. And we met and we went to South Africa together. So it was very strange and cosmic for us to work together on a movie. We’ve always been mistaken for each other, or told we kind of look like each other. And our mom’s kind of look like each other. Very strange. And then when we worked together and I was kind of suppose, my character was suppose to want to be her, it worked out perfectly. But she was really great because if you know the movie or if you ever saw it and even if you didn’t you probably know I was not so fun in it. I was really scary and creepy and weird. She really put up with me and was really supportive and was there for me every second and it was it was cool. She’s an awesome girl.
How does this movie compare to anything else you did?
I’m really lucky because it’s not like anything I ever done. It’s funny and it’s kind of romantic, but not in an overly sappy way. My love story in the movie is very much about her discovering herself so she can let someone else in. Also it’s very different because I got to shoot it in France, Hungry and Monaco. It was just an entirely different experience. Also working solely with two other girls is very different because there’s usually either ?? on the set of Gossip Girls, a lot of boys too, whatever you’re dealing with and I had just come off another movie I shot with much older guy and that was like my love interest. Which was very strange. It’s really cool to be around people who are closer to my age and young women. It was really fun, but totally different.
What’s it like working on a TV show for five years?
It’s really fun and I’m very lucky to say that I still do really like it. I can see where it gets a little bit like the same. I think if I didn’t have the writing that we get I would be bored, but honestly, I haven’t gotten bored yet so I’m pretty happy. My character is still being developed, which is really nice for me. I love her dialogue, I love her clothes, I really love living in New York. If it were somewhere that I didn’t like very much I think I’d not be happy, but I really love it here so it’s really good.
Did you get to keep any of her clothes?
I have gotten to keep a few of her things, but you know it’s weird, the clothes that they get are really designer loans. If I’m wearing a Valentino dress, it’s a one of a kind thing that went down the runway. It’s not actually meant to be worn, it’s supposed to be produced and then made well. You wear it and have to return it so that they can make it into clothes that they’ll sell. Besides that even if they are clothes that aren’t just designer loans, if you wear them and we shoot an episode in eight days, so we’ll wear it for like five, six, seven days in a row and you’re kind of like I’ve worn it, I’m done, you don’t want to wear it again.
If Blair  was a real person would you be friends with her?
To be honest probably not. I think because I’ve grown to love her I had to, I really loved her since the beginning and when you asked what’s different about Monte Carlo versus that. I love playing somebody who closer to myself just because it’s fun and normal. Blair is a very heightened reality, like her character is not very realistic. Even though a lot of the things that she deals with are very real issues, with her family, her friends, school and how she looks and her - just everything. She doesn’t go about things the right way and I think she lets her insecurities and jealousy and all that stuff get hold of her and make her do things that are not very nice. I don’t think I would be friends with her, but then again I play her so I see the good in her. You never know.
What else are you going to be doing?
I’m about to start a movie on Monday in Boston called “I Hate You Dad” and it’s an Adam Sandler movie. It’s a comedy still, but it’s not for kids. It’s definitely really mature. But there’s some really fun parts to it. It’s about a guy who has a kid and isn’t really there for him his whole life and tries to get back into his life as he’s getting married. It’s got a lot of crazy funny jokes. It’s definitely funny. I think it will be rated R.
You’re a spokesperson for Vera Wang’s fragrance Love Struck. Is that exciting for you?
It’s very exciting. I just got back from London. We opened or we launched it at Harrods. So it’s going to be there — it’s there now and I guess they’re opening it here in September. We’ll be doing that over here and I love Vera. She’s very talented and I’ve never really got to know somebody like that who’s just so in the fashion world and she’s been doing it for so long. Designing and she’s really cool. She’s very much a mentor. She’s a really good business woman. Really good mother, designer, and just a cool lady. She’s been everywhere and speaks all these languages and is very fashionable and I really like the perfume. Love the smell of it. Their target is really cool. It’s for young women. Kind of like me and you. It’s good.

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