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Kidsday: Testing hot holiday gifts

Kidsday reporter Caroline Farrell from Our Lady of

Kidsday reporter Caroline Farrell from Our Lady of Victory School in Floral Park with Alphie from Playskool Credit: Newsday/Pat Mullooly

Go Go My Walking Pup
(FurReal Friends)

Have you ever wanted a dog? GoGo is a remote-controlled dog that can do many of the things real dogs do. It can bark, it can pant, and you can take it out for walks while looking very stylish. One of the coolest things is if someone waves their hand at GoGo or walks past, GoGo’s tail will wag and it will bark! I would recommend this to any kid! My 2-year-old brother enjoyed it. He couldn’t stop playing with it. You should go, go, go and get one.
Rating: 5 (out of 5 smiles)
-- Ryan Hastings, Kidsday Reporter

Alphie Robot
I played with the Alphie Robot, which is for kids in preschool. Alphie teaches matching, rhyming, numbers and more. This toy is a great learning buddy for kids. It has more than 350 cards with questions and challenges. I think Alphie is the best teacher ever! For ages 3 to 6
Rating: 5
-- Caroline Farrell, Kidsday Reporter
Littlest Pet Shop Online Dancing Dog

This is a really cool toy. The little dog has speakers that can play your music while it dances along with you. I was also able to plug the dancing dog right into my iPod (it works on a computer too) and listen to all of my music. On top of this, the dog sings, barks, sleeps, sneezes and even goes online. Each dog comes along with a code (on the bottom of its foot) so that you can go online and play on and create a virtual pet. The online game was a lot of fun. It was fun to go on adventures.
Rating: 5
-- Emma Sasso, Kidsday Reporter

Tonka Ricochet RC

The Tonka Ricochet is a remote-controlled car. This car has a monster lift suspension. This lets you change from driving a flat car that is low to the ground into a monster truck. I like this toy because of the website and the monster lift suspension. The suspension is the best feature because if you get stuck under something, you can flatten yourself and back out. The website is also good because there are so many different things you can do with your car.
Rating: 5
-- Christopher Finkelstein, Kidsday Reporter


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