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Good Afternoon

Kidsday: Visiting the whaling museum

The Long Island Whaling Museum in Cold Spring Harbor is an interesting place. You get to see and touch parts of real whales and whaling ships.

There are different sections of the museum, including one where they display a real whaleboat. The boat had all of its original ropes, lances, axes and harpoons that whalers used to hunt whales in the 1800s. The whaling boat on display is originally from the ship The Daisy.

At the Whaling Museum they teach you about the parts of a whaling ship and what the town of Cold Spring Harbor was like back in the days of the whaling industry. The museum has an impressive collection of about 6,000 documents from that time period and more than 700 pieces of scrimshaw. Scrimshaw was the art done by sailors on a whaling boat when they had nothing better to do.

During our trip, our class saw a movie about what it was like to live on a whaling boat. The conditions were really hard. Sometimes there were bugs in the sailors' food. The food might even be years old by the end of the voyage. Also, the space that they had to live in was really small. It was dark, damp and smelly.

We also did a scavenger hunt while we were on the trip. At the end of our trip, we did a fun scrimshaw craft.

If you get a chance, and you are interested in sailing, or are interested in the history of Long Island, you should visit the Cold Spring Harbor Whaling Museum. It's on Main Street in Cold Spring Harbor. For more information, visit:

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