Good Morning
Good Morning

10 reasons why it's fun to go back to school

Did we hear you say you don't want to go back to school? We know you missed school, if not just for the education but because of all your pals. Well, we have 10 great reasons to go back to school. So, drum roll, please . . .

10. To buy new school supplies.

9. To have lunch with your friends you have missed during the summer months off.

8. To learn new math, science, English, social studies.

7. To get a study buddy and be the best you can possibly be.

6. To become your teacher's favorite student.

5. To brag to all your friends about what you did over the summer.

4. To get a better education.

3. To meet new teachers.

2. To meet new friends.

1. To see your old friends again!

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