Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

1980s fashion is coming back

Are the 1980s the new 2015? There are many styles coming back from the '80s. The new style is the old style. What you think is cool was already cool. What is the new fashion?

Today kids are wearing bow ties, suspenders, hipster glasses, baggie pants, high-waisted jeans, high-tops, snapbacks, and all of the old trends. These trends are the 2015 fashion! Many kids' stores will have suspenders and nerd glasses.

Boys wear suspenders, but they don't wear them up on their shoulders. They wear it on their waists and walk around while they are dangling. Also countless '80s dudes rocked the flip-over combed-back hair, boys are bringing back this style. Girls are starting to wear high-waisted jeans and the nerd glasses with the tape in the middle of the glasses. Bolder and louder than the average hair tie, scrunchies took the basic elastic band to the next level. Now girls just put it in a regular ponytail. These glasses were worn in the '80s, also suspenders and bow ties were popular during the '80s. There are plenty of more styles and fashion of the '80s but let's hope guy spandex or fanny packs stay away.

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