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‘5 Times Revenge’ review: A funny book about pranks

Kidsday reporter Michael Nawojchik with his copy of

Kidsday reporter Michael Nawojchik with his copy of "5 Times Revenge." Credit: Merilee Lehmuller

I read the book “5 Times Revenge,” by Lindsay Eland (Greenwillow). It was really good, but also very long. It was 384 pages and 100 chapters long. The book was about two eighth-graders, Adam and Perk, who are best friends.

They are trying to prank the bully, which is Hill, the principal’s son. They need people to help them pull off the biggest prank ever! They found three kids to help them: Ray, Dutch and Pearl. That summer Hill was going to a summer camp as a volunteer. Instead of going to be a volunteer, Perk hacked the principal’s Google account and destroyed the camp application. After, Hill was participating in army camp and he had to wear a uniform. For pranking the principal, they took his 1960 Shelby Cobra and auctioned it for $600,000. He cared about his car so much, so it was really funny. This book was really funny because the kids came up with really ridiculous pranks. It was one of the best books I have ever read!

Rating: 5 smiles

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