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6 fun facts about Pez dispensers

Teacher Kimberly Rall and Kidsday reporters Serina Wilson

Teacher Kimberly Rall and Kidsday reporters Serina Wilson and Tania Mathew with part of the Pez collection. Credit: Emma Shanahan

People often collect Pez dispensers to use as candy holders or collectibles. Our teacher, Mrs. Kimberly Rall, is a Pez head. That’s what you call people who collect lots of Pez dispensers. She has more than 1,000. Here are some cool facts we learned about this fun candy:

  • Pez has been around for more than 50 years. That’s a long time.
  • It was originally made in Austria, then it became worldwide.
  • The Santa Claus Pez dispenser is the most popular.
  • The Political Donkey Pez dispenser was once sold for $1,300. (There were only two ever made. Can you believe that?)
  • The name “Pez” derives from the German word for peppermint, which is “Pfefferminz.”
  • The old dispenser style was simple like a box, but now they are fun and creative.

Mrs. Rall always gives a Pez to each one of her students at the end of the year because she wants everyone to know that “When you open your mouth, something sweet should always come out of it.” It’s a life lesson to learn from Pez. If you haven’t started a collection of your own, maybe now you’re ready to be a Pez head.


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