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'A Cast Is the Perfect Accessory' review

The first month of school is about to end, and you have to write your first book report. Well, I have the book for you to read. The book is "A Cast Is the Perfect Accessory," by Allison Gutknecht (Aladdin Books).

This amazing story is about a girl, Mandy Berr, who wanted a pair of really cool sunglasses. Every time her mom came back from the mall, she would say, "Did you get them, did you get them, Mom?" hoping she would get them. But every time her mom said, "Sorry, I didn't." Mandy was very sad.

The next day, she went to school, and her buddy Natalie was not there. Mandy was worried: Is she sick, is she on vacation? None of those were right. She just came from the hospital. Natalie broke her arm, and everybody stood around her signing her cast. Mandy has always wanted a cast. Now, she wants one even more than she did before.

Anya is Mandy's best friend, and their teacher, Mrs. Spangle, paired Anya and Natalie together in a group project.

Mandy was worried Natalie would take her best friend with her popularity. She could no longer stand Natalie. She thought they were her friends, but now they were not anymore.

Mandy asked Natalie, "How did you break your arm?," and she wouldn't answer Mandy. Everybody in the class also wanted to know what happened to Natalie's arm, but she would not say.

If you read this book, you can see what happens.

Does Mandy ever find her friend again? This book is good for kids ages 7 to 10.

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