Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

A craft kit that’s Stringtacular

Kidsday reporter Isabella Longo tried the Stringtacular kit.

Kidsday reporter Isabella Longo tried the Stringtacular kit. Credit: Longo family

I received a craft kit: Stringtacular — The Magic Is in the String (Roseart). It looked like it would be a lot of fun. On the box it says it’s suitable for ages 8 and up. Since I am 10 and my sister is 8, I thought it would be great for both of us.

In the box we found string, patterns and a water bottle. There were lot of different colors of string to choose from. The string was different from regular string because it was coated with something to make it stick when sprayed with water. The string art patterns that were included in the box allowed us to design things like animals, shapes, food and other cool designs.

This is how it works: First you have to decide on a pattern. You take the pegs and put them into the board, following the pattern. Once you have all the pegs in place and you’re happy with the way it looks, you choose any color string and wrap the string around the pegs in the direction that you want.

Lastly, you spray it with water using the water bottle. After waiting two hours for your creation to dry, you remove it from the pegs. At this point, you can hang it or gift it.

Rating: 4 smiles

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