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A few ways kids can make money

Looking to make some money? There are many ways to make a few bucks, but here are just a few of my favorites:

GARDEN/MOW LAWNS Many people are busy during the summer, and don't necessarily have time to make their yards look as pretty as they would like. You can help them with that, so go grab a shovel or a lawn mower and get ready to get down and dirty!


MOTHER'S HELPER Not everyone is ready to be responsible for another person, so until you are ready for that why not try watching a furry friend, housesitting or being a mother's helper? Start with close friends to build your business up and make fliers to put up around town.

BABY-SIT If you and your parents agree that you're ready to take care of another person then go for it! I recommend looking into the Red Cross' baby-sitting courses before starting. It comforts people to know they are leaving their kids in the hands of someone who knows CPR and other emergency procedures. Go around the neighborhood and put up fliers. Put them in people's mailboxes as well as going door to door. If you choose to start your baby-sitting business with other people, make sure you have rules set out so everything is fair, and don't let just one person be in charge.

COUNSELOR IN TRAINING Did you love going to summer camp as a kid, but are now too old to go to camp? Why not try being a counselor in training? Although most camps do not offer payment to CITs it may still be worth your while because you will learn how to handle large groups of kids, which could also come in handy if you baby-sit. Also, many camps offer rewards for those counselors who worked as CITs for the same camps and go on to be counselors. Go to the camp website or directly to the camp where you would like to work.

LIFEGUARD TRAINING Although not many beaches accept kids younger than 15 to be lifeguards, it's great to get some training, which is offered by most beaches and the Red Cross. Lifeguard training will help you enhance your swimming skills while preparing you to be a guard.

WORK AT A SNACK STAND In New York you would have to be at least 14 to do this, but if you are, lucky you, because not only will you be making some money, but also getting discounts on food!

SELL LEMONADE OR PAINTED SHELLS, HAVE A BAKE SALE OR WASH CARS This may sound like little kid jobs but in the summer you can make some pretty big bucks selling things in your front yard especially if you live near the beach. Just make sure you're not on beach property.

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