Good Morning
Good Morning

A Kidsday visit to Mid-Island Air Service

We went to MacArthur Airport in Ronkonkoma and visited Mid-Island Air Service. We met the vice president, Gail Mancuso, her father being the founder of the company in 1946. We interviewed Hector, one of the mechanics, and got to see some crucial components in the engine of a plane. We learned the physics involved in flight such as thrust, lift, drag and weight. We visited the hangar, where we got to interact directly with an airplane.

One of the highlights of the day was when we got to "fly" in the redbird simulator. It was actually quite realistic, because we had put on the tilting so that when we turned the entire simulator tilted. We then got to board a corporate jet and sat inside the cockpit and the interior luxury cabin. Finally, we went into the control tower -- mind you, that is a restricted area -- and got to interview the United States marshals and the air traffic controllers. Plus, the corporate jet we sat in earlier, we got to see it take off from the tower. We were able to see it on the radar.

You can enroll in the air service and get your flying license before your driver's license. You can tell your friends you've driven a car once you're 16, but imagine being 15 and telling your friends you've flown over the state inside your own plane.

They also have a camp, and they can host birthday parties. Visit their website, which contains the company's history and other things:

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