We recently got the chance to play Knack (Sony), which is one of the launch titles for the new PS4 game console.

The game is about a creature, Knack, who has to fight an army of goblins and other monsters. To help him do that, Knack has a few special abilities, and he also has the ability to heal himself and make himself bigger by absorbing these pieces called relics.

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We thought the game was really fun. It had good graphics. They were sharp, and we thought the people and monsters in the game were well drawn. So was the main character, Knack.

One of the best features of the game was the tutorial. At the beginning of the game, you go through levels that help you get to know all the basic controls and how to use each of Knack's powers and abilities. The nicest thing about the tutorial is that it is actually fun to play. Overall, we really liked it.