Good Afternoon
Good Afternoon

A lovely visit to Connetquot River State Park

One Sunday, Johnny Munz and I visited Connetquot River State Park with my mom. You have to pay to get in, but it is worth it! It was a perfect day to walk in the park.

There were beautiful leaves everywhere we looked. We learned about the forest fires that burned there in 1977. It took 10 years for the plant life and trees to regrow and make the park look good again.

We saw a fishing spot there but did not fish because it is a hatchery. A hatchery allows baby fish to grow bigger in a protected pool, and then the fish are released into the Connetquot River.

We saw a white-tail deer in the woods. We had a lot of fun walking in the park. If you want to go, the entrance to the huge park is at 3525 Sunrise Hwy., Oakdale. For more, visit

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