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A new way to use crayons in artwork

I have many crayons at home, and I like to create art projects with them. Wall art is my favorite art project and is created by using different colored crayons.

Before you begin, you need 20 or more crayons (use Crayola for more vibrant colors). These are some of the things you will need -- glue gun, blow dryer, thick construction paper and newspaper to protect the surface you will be working on.

First, glue the crayons to the constructions paper in any order you want. Then use the blow dryer to melt the tips of all the crayons. At this point you should have someone help you because if you blow dry it too much it, can sometimes go on the wall.

When the colors are finally melted, they should be mixed and spread out on the paper. Normally it should take about 30 minutes to dry. There you have it. You and others can admire your wonderful artwork.

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