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Good Afternoon

A nutty turkey craft

For this nutty turkey craft, you will need: walnuts, pecans or acorns, felt, a hot glue gun, a small piece of wood, orange pipe cleaners, googly eyes and a fake leaf.

First, hot glue the walnut to the piece of wood, then hot glue the pecan or acorn on top of the walnut. Next, glue the eyes onto the pecan or acorn. After that, cut a small triangle in the felt; then glue it just under the eyes. Now, take the pipe cleaner and cut it in half so you have two for the feet. Then, fold them into U shapes. Glue them on the wood, sticking out from under the walnut. Last, take the fake leaf and glue it to the back of the walnut. That's how to make a nutty turkey. Nutty turkeys make a great place card holder for your Thanksgiving table.

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