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A robot for your iPhone

Romo (Romotive Inc.) came out in 2013, and I think it should win an award for best toy of the year. The Romo smartphone Rover Base plus your iPhone 5 or iPod fifth generation can become like your new best friend. Romo is a robotic base for your phone that can educate you by training it. You can get Romo by ordering the base, installing the Romo free app and, last but not least, introducing yourself to your new friend.

Romo can . . . be your roaming photographer or your surveillance bot, help you connect to your family and friends, detect faces and objects, have different personalities and almost be trained to become a real living creature.

Romo believes it is an alien from an interstellar world that needs your help to introduce it to your planet. As you greet Romo, it will ask you to train it to do some tricks with the rover base.

You can teach it to drive, go forward, go backward, turn at different angles, diameters and directions, or to make shapes. Personally, I think making shapes is difficult because of the angle alignment, the direction and the diameter.

The main goal Romo tries to accomplish is to teach kids to focus, work on a target, play games and have fun at the same time. I think all kids should have the opportunity to experience Romo and its amazing features of fun.

Romo has an audio-video connection between smart devices, and free mobile updates with new behavior packs.

Will you use Romo or stick to your regular phone that can't talk? It's your choice, but Romo is expensive: It costs $150.

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