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A survey: What makes you happy?

Photo Credit: Kidsday illustration / Sasha Dennis

I think lots of kids dream about three things: being rich, getting good grades and popularity. Personally, I would wish to have better grades. It was interesting to learn that almost all of the adults I asked chose to have more money or be rich. If I were an adult, I guess I would want to have more money or be rich too.

Before I started collecting data for my survey, I really thought about these three things — money, grades and popularity. I would think that other kids would not care about money since parents pay for everything. As you know, better grades will make you get into a better college and therefore lead to a better job in the future. Popularity is something that is nice to have, because who wouldn’t want a lot of friends to cheer you on and make you feel good about yourself? So ... what makes you happier: More money, higher grades or popularity? I asked this to 37 fifth-graders in my school and more money (17) just beat out better grades (14)! Most kids didn’t seem to care about popularity.

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