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A thrilling brush with dolphins

I have always wanted to see dolphins close up, and now I have. This is the story of how I saw a whole pod of dolphins.

One day in Wildwood, N.J., my family had just decided to go on a boat that takes tourists out to see dolphins. The boat is The Thunder Cat, and we went on the Thunder Cat Dolphin Watch Speedboat Adventure.

We got tickets and had to wait about 10 minutes before we went out into the ocean. It was an extra fun trip because the back of the boat was just for kids. I liked it because we got the best view.

After a slow start, we headed for the Atlantic. On the way, we saw two dolphins. They jumped in the waves behind the boat for about five minutes. Then, they headed off in another direction. We were disappointed when the dolphins left.

But we kept sailing and looped back to the dock. We had seen only the two dolphins I mentioned earlier. I was so disappointed.

Then, out of nowhere, one dolphin jumped out of the water behind the boat. Then another and another and another! All of a sudden, a whole pod of dolphins was jumping behind the boat. They followed us until we got to the bay. That was a trip I will never forget. If you ever get to Wildwood, check out

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