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A ‘Triple A’ day doing auto service with my dad

Kidsday reporter Stephen Ramlochan and his dad, Indar,

Kidsday reporter Stephen Ramlochan and his dad, Indar, on a service call. Credit: Ramlochan family

Let me ask you something. Do you know exactly what your dad does when he goes to work? For many of you, the answer is probably no. But I was lucky enough to spend the entire day with my dad at work one Sunday morning.

My dad works at the automobile club AAA, also called Triple A. So we clocked in at the shop, and in no time at all we had our first call from a stranded motorist. When we arrived, we were greeted by a worried man with a Toyota Prius. He had a flat tire, which was routine work for us.

We got the big jack from the back of the truck and jacked up the car. We took off all the lug nuts on the wheel, making sure not to misplace any of them. My dad put the flat tire in the man’s trunk. We put the new tire on and added the lug nuts to attach it.

The lug nuts went on loose at first, but we tightened them by lowering the jack and then putting weight on the tire iron facing to the right side, so as the iron went down, it tightened the nuts on the car.

After we did that call, we went back to the shop and were dispatched again. The entire day went like this. It got repetitive at a point, but my dad said this particular Sunday was very busy. So, in conclusion, I learned what my dad does for a living and what a day in the life feels like.

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