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A visit back in time to Amish Country in Pennsylvania

Last September I went to visit the Amish Country in Reading, Pennsylvania. The first thing I did when I got there was go to the market. The market was filled with many things, especially foods. I barely even knew what half of them were. We ate in a small restaurant there. Turns out most people in Amish Country get up very early. We had to settle with lunch instead of breakfast. The waitress was dressed very old-fashioned with a gray apron and white bonnet. All of the locals were dressed like that.

Then we went on a buggy ride. Buggies are wagons, covered or uncovered, that are driven by horses. I got to sit up front and even got to control the horses a little. The driver of the buggy was a woman who told us so much about Amish culture. A buggy is what the Amish use to get around. If you go to Amish Country, only visitors use cars. I learned that the Amish are restricted from using electronics and cars. Buggies were all over highways, too. When we were about to make a stop at a barn, we saw a schoolhouse. The schoolhouse was a one-floor, tiny, narrow, building. Once we got to the barn, they were selling fresh lemonade made on the spot. We started to head back to the town square. I did get to help groom the horses, feed them, and take them back to their stables. The horses were very cute.

I had a great time at Amish Country and can't wait to go back. I wish I had a picture but we were also told not to use electronics while we were in Amish Country. To plan your trip, go to

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