Good Evening
Good Evening

A visit to Maine leads to a pig scramble

Last summer I went to Maine because my dad's side of the family has a summer house up there. It took seven hours to get there!

Four days later, we went to the Maine State Fair. We saw a blacksmith, and he made a bracelet. Then we went on four or five rides. Next, it was time for the pig scramble! In a pig scramble, if you catch a pig, you get to take it home. I had put in my name earlier to do it. We went into the arena where the pig scramble was happening. I told my mom that I didn't think I would get picked, but after a couple of minutes, my name was called.

I went out onto the dirt and the announcer yelled, "Go!" Eleven other kids and I chased 10 pigs. If you don't catch a pig, you get $20, and if you catch one, but you can't keepit, you also get $20. So when I was running, I captured a pig and held it under my arm, but it got away. Then, I chased it down and cornered it. Its back was facing a pole and then I put its head in the sack. I slid its feet in and I lifted up the sack and the pig fell in.

When it was over, my mom and dad said I couldn't keep the pig. I got $20 though and I had a great time. Next year maybe I'll try entering the pie-eating contest.

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