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Good Morning

A young person’s perspective on racial bias

Kidsday classmates from Ivy League School in Smithtown.

Kidsday classmates from Ivy League School in Smithtown. Credit: Meagan Miller

The world is in color, but some think this a bad thing. However, some people judge others based on what color their skin is. Skin color is not chosen. You cannot be taught to have a skin color, it’s natural. What if we were color blind?

If you know someone, or are one of the people that think it is OK to do this, then what if you were color blind? The answer is you would not see the difference, because everyone would be equal. I cannot begin to understand why people have the mindset of, “You are different and I do not like you. ” It’s very upsetting and this needs to stop.

It is uncivilized for someone to say you are any less based on your skin color and it is time for this thinking to be long gone. It is time to unite. I do believe that this generation is much better, but it is our job every day to make this world a better place for everyone. It is up to all of us to do our part. It will pay off for all of us and there will be a day when equality and happiness replace hatred.

Though our opinions are different, America is the place of opportunities and if we do not let our people have equal opportunities, what kind of place will America become? In fact, it is our differences that make our country one of the most special.

The color of your skin should not stop you, me, or anyone from those opportunities. I have seen the horrors of hatred but I have also seen the beauty of citizenship overpowering that hatred.

The color of our skin is just a small part of who we are, it doesn’t define us. I may be young but I do know two things that I am sure of: My name is Justin, and color discrimination is wrong. Despite my youth, I hope you learned something from these thoughts. I hope that skin color will not matter to you going forward. I hope that it helps make your life a bit more colorful.

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