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Kidsday reporter Brandon Saldana Llanos uses

Kidsday reporter Brandon Saldana Llanos uses Credit: Gina Cerulli is a website where kids have fun. Not gaming fun, learning fun. More than 65 million people have gone on to, and that one site helps millions of kids tremendously. It is good for kids in Grade 5 and younger.

It helps kids learn to read, write, do math and much, much more. When the learning site started doing well, they added some great learning games to the site as well. Next, they decided to create more games for ABCya! The content has inspired so many people to use this website and people are happy with it. So please, if your kid wants to learn more while having fun, don’t wait. Just go onto, and start having some fun while learning. Kids in our school use it all the time.

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